Like any other art form, the architectural design of the residential building is prone to change and has experienced continuous evolution over time. In the world of architecture, some drastic changes were made to not just the styling of the houses but also in the materials used, methodology of construction, incorporated features, etc. Architects opted for construction technology, using eco-friendly building materials and building custom designs depending on the requirement of the inhabitants. In the last few decades, the world has experienced some prominent architectural trends ranging from the solid white stoned Greek architecture to the small and cozy cottages from arts and crafts architecture, from the grey industrial building designs to the modern Cape Cod architecture. However, while some of these trends were revolutionary, others didn’t leave a prominent mark on the design book. So if you’re looking into architectural trends for your house, here’s a list of trending architectural designs of houses popular amongst the Top Architects in Lahore.

Modern Tuscan Architecture

Modern Tuscan Architecture

Modern Tuscan architecture offers a European look with the prominent amalgamation of modern and classical construction features. The beauty of this type of architecture lies in its strategic use of natural stone which includes limestone, marble, and even travertine. The natural stone gives this design a timeless regal look, making it a top favorite among clients. Modern Tuscan architecture has four essential exterior design features, incorporated in every building reflecting this style, including thick exterior walls of stones, large outdoor living areas, wrought iron external ornamentation, and terracotta roofs with floor tiles.

Modern Tuscan architecture is commonly seen in hot and coastal areas and that is why the design supports thick exterior walls, terracotta clay roofs, and floor tiles to help lock the heat out in summers and provide a cooler indoor environment. Terracotta clay bricks and thick stones, both do not absorb heat and remain cool in high temperatures making them the best choice for building houses in areas that experience severe summers, like Pakistan. Modern Tuscan houses showcase extended outdoor living spaces to help build a smooth ventilation flow and provide an active open area that can be used in the form of patios and verandahs. If you are planning to build a stylish house, reflecting a timeless look, with stone walls and appealing wrought iron gates and doors, surrounded by green vines, then opt for modern Tuscan architecture and enjoy its lasting vibe.

Modern Architecture

Modern architecture bloomed in the post-industrialization era when the drift of incorporating machinery into the construction process was at its peak. Modern architects focused on building house designs that were comfortable and functional rather than just being highly ornamented and supporting impractical structures for aesthetic appeal. Experimental, minimalistic, and innovative are words that best define a modern house. Over time, different features of this form of architecture have evolved, depending on the individual perception of the original style. But there are still certain common elements that stand solid across all variations. These features include the use of clean sharp lines for the exterior design to give the house a simple classy look, the excessive use of glass in construction in form of lofty windows, glass walls, etc., and the use of wide roof overhangs to provide extra shade.

As modern architecture is all about enhancing functionality, the design lays its major focus on building spacious floor plans with minimum room defining walls or any restricting elements. The most experienced architecture companies in Pakistan experiment with modern architecture and continue to build new design variations by playing with features like external façades, chunky wooden gates, the front elevation, etc. If you are a minimalist and enjoy unbound open spaces with large glass windows then-modern architecture has a lot to offer you.

Spanish Architecture

Although this form of architecture has experienced prominent transformation throughout its history because of the Renaissance era, and other foreign invasions, there are certain key features that are retained. Thick white walls are a prominent element of Spanish architecture. These walls are made up of stucco, which helps them stay cool during the hot summer days and slowly release the absorbed heat from the sun during the cooler nights. The Spanish houses are popular for their attractive red roofs. These are low-pitched roofs, made up of clay tiles, which help in keeping the inner environment cool and add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the house.  Modern House Designs in Pakistan also incorporate this in their construction, especially in urban cities like Lahore and Islamabad.

French Architecture

Another trending style in house design is French country architecture. This form of architecture has two main styles of construction i.e. expensive estates like chateaus and modest farmhouse designs. This design has been a prominent source of inspiration for many modern architects, who wanted to build bigger spaces with a visible touch of luxury in them. French country homes are known for their natural finishes, neutral color palettes, and ornamentation inspired by the natural surroundings. The houses are all about geometrical symmetry. Be it the roofing, window designs, or the structure of the wall, it will all strike a proper architectural balance of shapes and design.

The French houses have large rectangular windows, not just adding to the overall symmetry of the structure but these loft windows also make the houses look tall. The windows on each floor are perfectly aligned with each other, making natural ventilation more effective. All the variations of this design support tall sloping hipped roofs, with all corners pointing downwards, towards the ground. Usually, the roofs are constructed with barrel-shaped clay tiles painted in deeper tones of red to ensure minimum heat transfer. Another prominent feature of these houses is their gorgeous wooden and stone flooring. Both these materials do not absorb heat, keeping the floors cool during hot days. These houses are perfect for people who enjoy classical European design and are attracted to tall houses with steeper roofs. If you desire symmetry and style then the French country architecture is your route to explore.

All the above mentioned architecture styles are top trending for constructing houses. Each of the designs has its unique features to offer that sync with the geographical needs of a country like Pakistan. If you are planning to build a house that is stylish and trendy, have a look at these styles and speak to an experienced architecture, construction and interior design company to find the right one as per your needs.