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2 years ago

The living room is usually the most used room in a house as families spend most of their time in the living room. Guests and family gatherings are often hosted in the living rooms. One look at the place can tell a lot of things about the taste and personality of the owner of the house. Especially in 2020, living rooms proved to be more useful than ever. The modern house designs in Pakistan will incorporate majority of the factors that shaped our lives in 2020 since the pandemic is not yet over. If you’re planning to construct a new house or renovate your place, you should check out the following top living room trends.

Calm And Cozy

Living rooms are meant to be a place to relax, so they should give that vibe. After all the stress people endured in 2020, and still bear in their daily lives, they need to come home and relax in a nice space. The interior decorators in Lahore believe that more comfortable furniture should be a part of the living rooms in 2021 and beyond. The chairs and sofas should have soft seating and comfortable fabric even if they are small in size. The modern living rooms also utilize bean bags to create a minimalist and contemporary yet cozy environment to sit in. The idea is to turn your living room into a private oasis where you can have a great time with your family.

Old Is The New Modern

For a long time, revival of classical architecture and interior has been one of the favorite ventures for designers and architects. Even today, the modern interior decorators in Pakistan are trying to complement the look of a house with furniture inspired by classical designs. The antique element in the design is mixed with modern elements to give a classy touch to the house. Using an antique coffee table or vintage chairs, or old-fashioned cabinets is a subtle way to add an antique look. While antique is becoming the new modern, it depends a lot on one’s taste. You don’t necessarily need to use vintage furniture to get the required look; a traditional ceiling, floor, or walls can enhance the beauty of the living room in a similar way. Interior designers usually apply an 80/20 rule where 20% is vintage to keep the mix to perfection.

More Seating

Living rooms host most of the family gatherings and guests. To accommodate everyone, the living room needs to be spacious with a lot more seating than any other room of the house. Most of the architecture companies in Pakistan design the layout of the lounge to incorporate multi functionality with compartmentalized space. The TV can either be the center of the room or be on the side with less sitting area, while the majority of the space can be devoted to casual sitting with the family. One can also put a game table and a reading spot in the living room so everybody can sit together while doing their own stuff.

Bring In Nature

Gone are the days when plants used to be an outside only ornamentation. Today, bringing the nature inside is among the latest trends. You can have a beautiful lawn or a terrace garden but having an assortment of your favorite flowers or plants in the living room makes it look refreshing and enhances the family gathering experience by complementing the calm and serene aspect of the room. A living room can also have ceiling-to-floor windows to ensure maximum light in the room and a view of the outside.

Strong Colors Mixed In With Neutrals

The past year has been challenging for everyone, and while 2021 brought hope, it also started with a lot of desire for warm colors that make you feel at peace. While neutrals have remained the showstopper for a long time, warm colors are gradually but steadily making their place in luxury home designs in Pakistan. You don’t really need to do a complete makeover of your living room, just add some warm colors in the accessories such as cushion covers, tabletops, etc. Since lounges are meant to provide comfort, adding warm colors will make you feel cozy.

Entertainment Essentials

The pandemic locked everybody down in their house, ending all the escapes after a tiring week. Even when the workplaces are open now, restaurants, concerts, and other entertainment opportunities still remain closed. This has turned lounges into an all-in-one entertainment room where the whole family can entertain themselves. The latest trends suggest adding bigger TVs and better sound systems to help people take the entertainment factor to another level. This way, one can have a great time watching movies, listening to online concerts, or have game time on their console. Upgrading dinner tables is also an idea to have the dine-in experience which people miss.

Interior decoration and architectural services in Pakistan are focusing on making houses in general and lounges, in particular, more in line with the current scenario so people can enjoy their stay at home. Make sure to follow these trends if you are designing your new house or renovating your living room. Most of these trends don’t require you to make huge investments as you can reshape your living room with minor changes mentioned above.

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