We witness a change in interior design trends every passing year. Embracing new trends can redefine comfort and style for your home and help break monotony. From the use of abstract shapes to the incorporation of biophilic design, the landscape of interior design in 2024 is all set to push the boundaries of conventional aesthetics. Here are some interior design trends and tips listed by top interior designers in Pakistan that will help you revamp your interior space.

Use of Warm and Earthy Tones

The use of warm and earthy tones in interior design creates an inviting atmosphere. Pick a warm color palette with shades like orange, yellow and brown. Colors like ochre, rust and muted greens can be used for an earthy touch. For larger elements like walls and floors, use neutral colors such as beige, cream or soft gray because they serve as an excellent backdrop for warmer hues. The use of wooden furniture, exposed brick walls and stone surfaces, enhances the earthy feel of your interior space.

Brass, copper and gold accents can be used in lighting fixtures, hardware and other decorative elements as they complement warm tones. The use of greenery can add an earthy vibe to your space. Use warm and soft lighting instead of cool lighting. You can use patterns that include earthy tones such as textiles and wallpapers to add visual interest. This is one of the major interior design trends for 2024. You can layer different warm tones through accessories or small furniture pieces. 

Use of Textures in Interior Design

Textures play an important role in interior design by making the space visually appealing. Use plush carpets, rugs and soft upholstery for a warm and cozy atmosphere. Throw pillows with different fabric textures can also be used. Exposed brick walls, stone surfaces and reclaimed wood in interior design adds character and an industrial feel to your space. Smooth textures can be employed to create a sleek and modern aesthetic. They can be used for countertops, tables and cabinets for a clean and polished look.

According to top interior designers in Lahore, incorporating jute, wood and bamboo in interior space will help create a connection with nature. Metallic accents like brushed nickel, copper and brass can also be used to add texture. Choose fabrics, wallpapers and tiles with different patterns and textures to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Different textures within the same color palette can be layered to add depth without too many contrasting elements. Textures and patterns should be used in a coordinated way to avoid an overwhelming space.

Incorporation of Biophilic Design in Interior Spaces

The incorporation of natural elements into interior design boosts well-being and is one of the top interior design trends for 2024. Try to maximize natural light in your interior space by using large windows, skylights or light colored window treatments. Indoor plants can be incorporated in your designfor better air quality. Natural materials such as wood, stone, bamboo can be used for furniture, flooring and decor to enhance the aesthetics and provide a connection to nature. You can incorporate a color palette inspired by nature using earth tones and greens.

Design your interior space in a way that it offers views of nature such as arranging seating to face windows or creating outdoor spaces visible from indoors. Use textured surfaces, natural scents and ambient sounds. Create a balance to suit the needs and preferences of the occupants. 

Use of Abstract Shapes

The incorporation of abstract shapes in your interior design adds a lively and artistic element to your space and is one of the top interior design trends for 2024. Sculptures, paintings and wall murals with abstract shapes serve as focal points in your design. You can use furniture designed with abstract shapes because such pieces break away from traditional forms and lend your interior design a contemporary edge.

Abstract shapes can also be incorporated into textiles such as rugs, curtains and pillows. Pendant lights, chandeliers and floor lamps with abstract shapes can serve as sculptural pieces as well as functional lighting. You can use cabinets, bookshelves or storage units with asymmetrical shapes to make a statement. According to top interior designers in Lahore, abstract mirrors might be unconventional but they can serve as both functional and aesthetic elements. Consider the overall theme and vibe of the space before incorporating abstract shapes in your interior design.

Flexible and Multifunctional Spaces

Creating multifunctional spaces in a house requires planning, creativity in design and the use of multipurpose furniture. You can incorporate open floor plans in your interior design to enable easy movement and flexibility. Modular furniture can be converted and remodeled to serve multiple purposes. Foldable and expandable furniture caters to different needs such as foldable dining tables, expandable desks and collapsible chairs.

Storage can be incorporated into the furniture such as storage ottomans that can also be used for seating purposes. Room dividers and screens can be used in order to create separate areas in spaces with open floor plans. You can also design convertible spaces that serve multiple functions. Consider doubling a home office as a guest room with a pull out sofa. The concept of flexibility can be extended to outdoor spaces by using foldable furniture, movable planters and outdoor rugs. 

Statement Furniture and Rugs

The inclusion of statement furniture and rugs in interior design can transform your space and create a focal point. You can pick one or few furniture pieces to serve that purpose. Choose furniture with distinct shapes and colors. You can use luxurious materials to make statement pieces. Textured fabrics, metal, glass and reclaimed wood can add an aesthetic appeal to these furniture pieces.  You can also invest in custom designed and artistic furniture. Statement artwork such as a large painting or a sculpture can also help create a focal point in the room. Your statement piece may be a contrast to the surrounding environment and stand out from the rest of your interior space.

The rug should be chosen according to the scale of the room, where a larger rug grounds the space, a small rug can be used to highlight a specific area. Pick rugs with eye-catching patterns and vibrant colors. According to top interior design trends for 2024, you can opt for rugs with geometric shapes and irregular patterns. Incorporating vintage rugs can add a touch of history to the room. The rug must be a contrast to the flooring. While using statement pieces you must consider the principles of balance in interior design. 

Terracotta Inclusion

According to interior designers in Pakistan, incorporating terracotta in your interior design adds a rustic charm to your space. The warm tones of terracotta can complement several interior design styles. You can use terracotta tiles for flooring to add texture and character.

For accent walls, use terracotta tiles or bricks. They can also be used for backsplashes and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Terracotta pairs well with neutral color schemes. You can also incorporate terracotta sculptures and artwork in your interior design. It can be used both as a dominant feature and subtle accents while considering the overall style of the space.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are used in interior design to display art and photographs. Mix and match to combine different styles of art along with different sizes and styles of frames. Use a symmetrical layout for a balanced and formal look while an asymmetrical layout can be used if you’re going for an eclectic vibe. While using a harmonious framing style can provide a cohesive look, mixing different frames can add an eclectic touch. Pick the right color for the wall as a light coloured wall would make the pieces pop while a dark coloured wall would add a dramatic touch. You can double the accent wall as a gallery wall to retain it as the focal point. Highlight important pieces with the use of lighting. 

The interior design landscape of 2024 stands a testament to the ever evolving human creativity. The year ahead will witness a lot more use of natural materials as a major interior design trend.

Written by : Gashia Imtiaz