A restaurant or a café is not only loved for its food but for the look and appeal as well. If your food is great but the place does not offer a really good ambience, there is a chance that you will lose customers and it will be hard for your business to survive. Especially nowadays when there are so many eateries in almost all major cities of Pakistan that offer fine dining experiences, making your name requires good food, service and ambiance. There are plenty of ways you can design a restaurant that will leave people in awe and motivate them to come back again and again. If you are opening a restaurant or already own one, you can always level up your game by decorating it in a way that appeals to the mood of the customers. Here are some tips which can help you create a restaurant that looks like those fabulous Instagram posts that you have been looking at.

Develop Your Concept


First things first, you need to develop a concept to begin designing your restaurant. Start with an idea. What do you want to achieve? What feel do you want to give to your customers? What theme do you want to follow? These are some of the questions to initiate brainstorming. After you have brainstormed, you will have a direction to go. For instance, if you want to go to an old western-themed restaurant, it could maybe have cowboy hats and leather decor. There are endless possibilities and you don’t need to limit yourself to the confines of traditional restaurant themes. You can think of your own unique ideas such as a library-themed restaurant, a movie-themed restaurant, or a car-themed restaurant.

Light, Sound And Scent


If you want to create an ambience that appeals to the senses of people, then you need to target their senses such as hearing, sight, and smell. Sound has a very profound impact on our minds and can decide how we feel in a particular setting. Restaurants and cafes are places where people come to socialize so mellow acoustic music makes the most sense. For sight, lighting is crucial. It should not be so bright that it distracts customers and becomes uncomfortable. Just like the music, it should be mellow and dim which makes people feel like they have escaped the everyday world into a serene environment. The colours you pick should go with your theme. Also do not forget to put the relevant wall art. Finally set scent psychology into play. Many restaurants and cafes use peculiar scents which trigger hunger or coffee scent to urge people to order more. Some restaurants use cucumber and other airy and cool fragrances which makes the place feel more spacious when it is crowded. Interior decorators in Lahore suggest keeping the speakers and air fresheners spread out for a smooth sensation throughout the space.

Eradicate Problem Areas


Based on a restaurant setting, problem areas can be places where a person is not comfortable sitting or enjoying their meal for example a table close to the kitchen, bathroom or the entrance. To ensure that your restaurant functions smoothly, you need to eradicate these problem areas. Architects in Lahore say that you cannot eliminate the problem areas unless you put yourself in the customers’ shoes and experience what it feels like to sit at a certain place. See if the sitting space is narrow and needs more room or the view does not distract and make someone feel uncomfortable or anything that can kill the vibe of your restaurant. Then you will be able to better plan the floor layout and furniture arrangement.

Options For Seating


Seating plays a crucial role in determining the success of your restaurant. For seating options, you can experiment with different things. The constants that you need to take care of, according to interior decorators in Lahore are the seating space, the lighting, the comfort, etc. For seating space, if you want to set an area for private conversations, then you must increase the gap between the tables. Make sure that there is a dim light on each table which subtly illuminates the table without being a distraction. If you want to arrange more seating spaces in the hall without closing the gap between tables, then you need to invest in smaller and sleek tables. It also depends upon the theme of your restaurant when you are choosing the seating options so do keep the entire theme in mind. No matter what arrangement and furniture you go for, make sure that your furniture is cosy enough to help people feel comfortable.

We do know that food is the main attraction but providing a great customer experience is equally important too. The above mentioned tips can help you achieve that.