Ever since the global pandemic began in 2020, it has changed the way we live and work. Learning to live with the ongoing ‘new normal’ we need to reimagine our spaces and redecorate them according to changing times. In 2022 we will see a number of trends with the intent to make the lives of the people better.

Here’s a list of some of the interior and architecture trends for 2022.

Natural, Minimal and Multifunctional

These three have the potential to define the architectural and interior trends in 2022. This is one of the reasons we decided to discuss them together. Minimalism has gained huge popularity over the years and people prefer to follow “less is more” in design. Similarly, the infusion of multi-functionality with minimalism will take on center stage in the coming year. The credit goes to the philosophy of architects in Pakistan to create spaces with less on display but more to offer in terms of function. With all the neutral tones of minimalism and the focus on functionality, the natural element offers a much-needed refreshing vibe to the place. It can consist of the natural light and air coming into the house, the use of plants, and also the use of natural building materials like wood and stone. Using these three attributes in your house, you can create a home that is well-aligned with the trendiest features in 2022.

Reimagined “Work From Home” Spaces

One of the biggest changes that followed the global pandemic was the introduction of work from home culture. While many businesses have opted to resume working from the office, many companies are still following with complete work from home or hybrid work schedules. This will continue in 2022 and anticipating this culture to last at least a long time, the makeshift work from home spaces will not be sufficient. Architects in Pakistan are now including a separate work from home space in their design because of its increasing need. It is also recommended to have a window with a view of the garden that can help refresh your mind when you are tired from working. It is a given to have all the necessary accessories that will help you work more efficiently in a relaxed environment. You can also use your work from home space as your study since multifunctional spaces are going to be the norm in the coming year. For this purpose, you need a large cabinet to keep the books and other decoration pieces such as plants to make your place look lively.

Wide Range and Diverse use of Colors

Life has been dull for the past two years, however, the coming year will see a major change. The trend will move towards using a wide variety of colors depending upon the interior style of the house. The base colors will consist of neutrals as usual and bright colors will continue to add the much-needed pop of liveliness to the design. The color range will expand as one will see the use of serene colors in places like bathrooms, patio, etc. Interior decorators in Pakistan are anticipating that colors will be utilized to create various designs like a cloudy sky on the patio ceiling or animals in kids’ rooms. Some architects in Lahore also believe the use of bold colors will be more common in an effort to reduce the dull impact of the pandemic.

Comfortable Furniture

The pandemic has taught us to go easy on ourselves and find comfort and solace in our daily lives rather than burning ourselves out. In the post-pandemic world, interior decorators in Pakistan are also focusing on creating spaces that promote comfort and coziness. Since we use furniture all the time, whether, in the living room, bedroom, or dining room, we are either sitting on the couch, lying on the bed whenever we get the chance. If we want to ensure comfort we need to have furniture that is comfortable enough. Curvy furniture is a great choice in this regard.

Bringing Outside In

Another trend that has spread rapidly and will continue to trend more in the coming years is to bring the outside to the indoors. There are many methods that architects in Pakistan utilize to bring the outdoors into the house. One of the greatest ways to do this is to use your roof as a rooftop garden. Lay some grass, plant some herbs or flowers, arrange a nice sitting place and you have an amazing space to enjoy the spring weather. You can also do this in your lawn or set up a terrace garden that will give you a similarly great space. Just make sure you have adequate sitting for guests, and to arrange parties. Use stone walls and timber wood cladding to give a natural vibe in the use of elements. It is not limited to setting up a garden but bringing the greenery into your house in the form of various plants. You can also use floral scents to keep your house fresh and make it feel natural.


Architecture and interior design will keep on adapting sustainability practices. The reason why this will keep on trending lies in the fact that we are in dire need to implement planet-saving strategies. Interior decorators in Lahore, for instance, suggest having plants in your house, especially snake plants as they act as air purifiers. Similarly, architects in Pakistan also recommend constructing roofs that can support installations like solar panels and water heaters. The modern house designs in Pakistan will also adapt the utilization of environment-friendly materials and construction practices. All of the interior and architectural services will be focused on creating a better environment through the utilization of sustainable methods.