Architecture and interior design trends have always been evolving. Moving from the decorated Victorian flair to the use of modern materials, from having a minimalistic approach to now using a combination of designs, there has always been a continual shift. When it comes to designing kitchens, a similar change in design trends has been witnessed. The kitchens nowadays are built bigger, with minimum ornate, more of an open space connected to the lounge, with a multifunctional island placed in the center. To ensure a timeless appeal for your kitchen, invest in choosing a layout that will endure. Wooden floors, white cabinets, large open windows, subtle hues- a design that offers functionality and longevity. If you are planning to build a new kitchen or remodel, here are some top trends by Interior designers in Pakistan which can help you design an elegant timeless kitchen.

Marble Countertops

Kitchen Islands

Marble in the kitchen is one trend that has never faded away. Marble countertops have always been a popular choice because they not only give the kitchen a sleek modern look but they are also a long-lasting and durable choice for the kitchen. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs, including shades of white, beige, grey, blush pink etc. Imagine the beauty of a cosmic black graphite counter slab to draw the eye and give the kitchen a timeless look. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is be creative and choose a design that embraces your rhythm of style over the period of time.

Kitchen Islands

The trend of installing kitchen islands is relatively new. It has gained a lot of popularity amongst clients because of its prominent aesthetic appeal and multifunctional nature. Initially, kitchen islands came in a simple rectangular shape that would easily sync in with all kitchen styles. But recently there are several new and creative kitchen island designs available in the market including circular islands, furniture islands, U-shaped islands, rolling islands, etc. Top architects in Lahore consider kitchen islands as the latest must-haves for the kitchen as they add value to the overall layout and functionality. For instance, you can have a comfortable U-shaped island in your kitchen and use it as a prep counter and depending on the changing trends and needs, it can also be used as a mini dining table.

White Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are an important and functional part of the kitchen layout. Unfortunately in most styles, the cabinet design remains relatively understated. When setting up a timeless kitchen design, it is important to understand that you have to opt for cabinetry that will remain functional and trendy throughout the years. Opting for white cabinets is a feasible choice in this regard. White helps reflect light, keeping the room cool and appearing larger. Also, it is a color that easily settles with multiple color pallets, so you don’t have to worry about changing it from time to time. For instance, you might have avocado green walls and wooden furniture today but after a while, you want to shift to the trend of having bright walls and rattan furniture, either way, white cabinets will work well.  Therefore, if you’re planning to redo your kitchen in a timeless style, lean towards white because white will always be classy.  

Integrated Lighting Plan

Integrated Lighting Plan

Lighting is an element that can make or break the whole layout of any design. The kitchen is one of the most functional spaces of a house and so it requires a properly integrated lighting design that can, not only make it look comfortable but also because it requires a certain amount of visibility to ensure ease and safety during the cooking process. When designing a timeless kitchen, you have to pick a lighting style that will not fade away with time and will endure its functionality and charm. Go for the classic lighting fixtures including pendant lights, high-mounted ceiling lights, wall-mounted bulbs, ceiling lights etc, as they will never go out of style.

Metal Accents

Metal accents have remained in style for kitchens over the years. These metal accessories are popular in the kitchen because of their warm look and elegant appearance. These fixtures are durable and give the room a stylish modern look including cabinet hardware, faucets, lighting etc. These metal accents are usually added in the hues of gold, copper, brass, or simple gunmetal steel. The lustrous material goes pretty well with a variety of finishes, offering a muted shine to the whole design. Imagine a kitchen with white cabinets and golden accents for the traditional Victorian look or darker cabinets with gunmetal accents to create a dark classic look, it will surely be a trend that lasts. If done right, little details can do wonders for the design.

Traditional Flooring

Traditional Flooring

In a country like Pakistan where summers are long and severe, choosing flooring that remains cool and trendy over years is a difficult task. When designing a kitchen that supports an elegant style, architects in Lahore actively use ceramic tiles and hardwood for flooring.Both these floors are cost-effective, heat resistant, available in a wide range of colors, and have remained one of the timeless flooring trends in the country. The pleasing symmetrical view in terracotta tiles or the touch of class in the maple hues of hardwood is equally appealing as a flooring option for your classy kitchen layout.

Functional Walk-in Pantries

Pantries have always been an integral part of the kitchen. However, in Pakistan, the concept of having functional walk-in pantries is relatively new but growing. For a kitchen to showcase a timeless design, it is extremely important that its functionality remains unchallenged. In this regard, having a walk-in pantry can be of great help. It provides additional storage space, allows flexible organization of appliances and makes it easier to maintain an inventory, etc. When considering your kitchen’s layout in a timeless design, a walk-in pantry truly has a lot to offer. Invest in building this extra space and use it as per convenience, throughout the years.

Kitchen décor and design, like other forms of art, have moved beyond the era when a single design trend would rule the day. Nowadays, you can have a combination of designs, with each feature representing a different style and yet combine them to reflect a timeless interior. White cabinets, earthy-toned walls, marble counters, and a hardwood floor would surely stay trendy and stylish across the years.