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Top 5 Ideas to Construct a House on a Hillside

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2 years ago

One of the best localities for an exquisite house is none other than a hillside. One could simply view and appreciate the entire landscape from up there, which discloses itself in all its glory and splendor. Whether you choose this location as your vacation home or permanent residence, it does not really matter as long as its design and architecture embrace the beauty present in the surroundings.

These top 5 design ideas for a house on a hillside absolutely nail this notion!

Modern Cottage Features

Modern Cottage

What would be better than sitting in a cozy cottage, and having a cup of hot chocolate by a window that oversees a captivating view of the mountains? An exquisite mountain cottage gets to capture the wonderful panorama of any hillside.

Any modern cottage would be essentially gilded with two prime elements: wood and stone. With an indulgent stone-laden fireplace and wooden floors, this cottage would not only offer an amazing 360 degree view, but also warm your heart every night with its tranquil and subtle disposition. The cottage would appear to be floating above the landscape with its cantilevered design. It is going to be a more attractive proposition to have a spacious terrace and large windows built using natural materials.

A Unique Entrance

Unique Entrance

A hillside vacation house, completely embroidered by nature is what tranquilizes the mind, especially if the rest of the year has been a roller-coaster ride of mechanic routine amidst the city’s terrible pandemonium.

Here, the main entrance could be positioned on the roof, while the interior spaces would be below this level. A close relationship with the landscape could make the entire roof look double, as a spacious desk, overseeing the measureless expanse of the amazing view. This would make the entrance a unique niche amidst the scope of nature.

Baroque Interior and Exterior Spaces

Beautiful Interior

Full height glass walls could envelop the interior spaces, revealing them to the view outside. The rear of the house could be sheltered by the cliffs and the woods while the front could cantilever above the steep hill, on which the house stands.

The house can also be coupled with a small lawn that accommodates oak trees and the boundary wall of the lawn could be constructed with medium-sized stones and shingles. This particular idea would integrate the notion of preserving nature within this constructed space.

Sustainable Decor

Sustainable Decor

Design a house in which the interior living spaces offer direct access to the outdoors in a smooth and seamless transition. The house could be constituted by two large volumes that form an L shape built around the trees and stone walls. Make the upper level utilize passive heating and cooling strategies that add to the sustainability of the design.

The residence could be perched above the landscape and built on a platform that expands across the hillside in a way comparable to traditional tree houses. Materials such as walnut panels, natural stone and concrete could be used for both the interior and the exterior features of the house. They would also allow the house to feel closer to its environment and to naturally integrate into the northern landscape.

Bedroom Craft

Bedroom Craft

The most remarkable view can be enjoyed from the bedrooms which are situated on the first floor. You must look into featuring full height windows and connect them to the social areas on the lower level in a flexible and natural way. The seamless transition between the indoor living spaces and the open terraces would be an important element in your house project. Using natural materials such as copper, glass, wood and concrete to adorn your bedroom would be an idea that would go in synchronization with the topography outside and would lend a beautiful ambiance to your bedrooms. Adding warm lights to the bedrooms would give a picturesque, cozy look from the outside through the full-length glass windows.

Consider these ideas for a timeless exhibition of ambiance and tranquility. With these design concepts, your summer home on the hillside will stand out with warm effulgence, reflecting artisan as well as natural beauty.