Gone are the days when people would choose a restaurant merely based on the menu.  Customers now also expect red-carpet treatment from the moment they walk-in, a comfortable seating environment, and most importantly, a ‘selfie-friendly’ decor. Interior decorators in Lahore, wise to this global trend, are now designing stunning restaurants that are high on the ‘clickable’ scale!

As a first-time restaurateur, one of the many decisions you must make includes deciding on the perfect interior to enhance the customers’ dining experience. Will your restaurant feature a traditional or contemporary look? Perhaps you would like to try an eclectic blend of both design themes. Once the overall theme has been locked down, the next step is to work with your design consultant on selecting the wall colors, the fabric, the furniture and the decor. Before going too far in the design process, make sure your design team is familiar with the demands of savvy restaurant-goers. From Athens to Bangkok, patrons know exactly what they want from a fine-dining experience- so your restaurant should also meet the mark!


Diners desire eateries where they can feel instantly at ease and spend countless hours with their friends as well as family members. As far as restaurant design is concerned, restaurant-goers are looking for spaces that allow for the right amount of privacy – so they can chat, gossip or even eat in silence together. This requirement means that architects and interior designers must work in unison to create spaces that provide both visual privacy and acoustic privacy to the guests.


With easy access to countless design ideas online, it can be a challenge to find an eatery in Pakistan that prioritizes open spaces. In 2018, the ‘less is more’ maxim is back! Swap out grandiose paintings and full wall murals for innovative, environmentally-friendly living walls in your restaurant layout. Drop the drama of deep red and purples and replace them with a simpler, more organic color palette consisting of greens, browns and grays. You can never go wrong with greenery, so bring in leafy palms or towering bamboo shoots in place of traditional decoration pieces such as bespoke sculptures or vases in your restaurant’s dining space.


Out of a plethora of reasons why people chose to dine out, the primary reason is to leave the hassle of cooking and cleaning up at home. Perhaps the most harried of your potential patrons are the parents with young children. Anticipate their needs by building a safe play area while maintaining the sophistication of the original restaurant design.  Parents will flock to dining establishments that welcome families with children without compromising on the quality of food and the overall ambience.


Interior designers are now diversifying lighting arrangements by adding dimmers and lamps into their restaurant designs. Low-lighting brings some drama to specialty Italian restaurant while a cafe fitted with sunny picture windows brings a clean, natural feel to the dining space. Maintain a balance between the dining establishment being too bright and poorly-lit so diners feel relaxed during their meal.


While Lahore has quite a few cafes, fast food chains and diners offering a casual environment, but what is lacking is a truly upscale place to sit and eat. Try to attract a niche market of customers by investing in a classier design theme for a brand-new restaurant.

Ask a top interior designer in Lahore their opinion and they will emphasize how the interior highly affects one’s mood. As a restaurant owner, you and your staff can ensure them a reprieve from the mundane within the walls of your dining establishment. So hire yourself a good architect in Lahore and come up with a well-designed restaurant that stands out in a crowd!