Minimalism is the collective, modern thought. It articulates the concept “less is more”, but this does not, by any means propagate emptying space or filling it with simple items. Minimalism involves the notion of employing simplicity in such a fashion that the overall display gets visually elevated, in form and function.

Interior decorators with an inclination towards minimalism, often deal in items that offer substance in their simplicity. They couple their ideas with a dramatic balance between aesthetic soundness and the requirement of the space.

Here are three most insisted minimalist design ideas for your home, which would elevate any space with grace and individuality.

Taking the Space up a Level

Taking the Space

A very popular minimalistic setting for the living room incorporates the use of subtle texturing that makes the entire lounge come alive. Alternating patterns in wood grains on a feature wall and plush sofa seating, in beige or mild hues, is a great way of designing your living room on minimalistic lines. Add to this a modern coffee table and finish the look with a stack of books at a side.

If beige and mild browns are not your thing, you could establish the same setting with a combination of whites and greys. A rectangular lounge with bright white sidewalls and furniture, with an exposed brick feature wall bathed in concrete grey right behind the seating, would look equally stunning. You might want to finish this look with a vase of white florals on small, black coffee tables that come in assorted shapes, placed at a side.  This contrast of black, white and grey plays beautifully in a minimalistic living room!

Essentially the idea regarding furniture is to create room by keeping the furniture light and avoiding the clutter. These ideas for your lounge showcase a lightly-filled space gleaming with an uncomplicated rendition of taste and character.

Adding Light-Infused Balconies

Light-Infused Balconies

Architects in Pakistan encourage adding a balcony to your lounge and bedroom, as it ensures natural light into your home. Natural brightness elevates a compact space, and the kind of light you receive creates a unique character within the room. It also ends the urgency of adding a myriad of lamps, which might not be a good idea, especially if you are short on space in the lounge or the bedroom.

A light-infused balcony also goes great with a combination of whites, blacks and greys. In fact, it is one of the best minimalistic ways of achieving an ultra-modern look!

Strategic Use of Color: A Dash of Tint in Monochromatic Space

Strategic Use of Color

Modern home designs suggest that when you layer subtle hues or stick to monochrome combinations in color for any space, be it the lounge, bedroom or your dining area, you have ample room to play and strategize with contrast.

Consider a rectangular space with furniture draped in monochromatic upholstery. Couple this with a concrete floor and keep the windows large and wide. Now you could open up the windows to a wall with green creepers hanging vertically or concrete planters with carefully-selected green shrubs. If you do not have your windows opening up to a space like a wall or patio, try adding lime cushions to your monochrome-themed furniture, which would offer the same luscious distraction amidst the muted hues.

If you are interested in creating more character, consider the idea of hanging a funky, retro cartoon poster or any other tasteful pop art piece amidst white walls and simple, wooden flooring to go with it.

For those who prefer more texture, covering the TV feature wall with plywood and concrete would provide a pristine foundation to the minimalist setting. This can then be elevated with live plants in black porcelain vases on either side of the feature wall to add richness to the space.

With these design ideas, you can satiate your craving for a minimalistic setting, and at the same time do justice to your prowess to style and create with individuality and aesthetic finesse.