Revamping your bedroom décor need not to be a major issue always and you need not to spend your fortune to do it. All it needs is your attention to minor detail that most of us overlook. “Decorating your bedroom can be an overwhelming task as the options are endless but being simple and adding your own touch is what makes it so much fun,” says Amer Adnan, A renowned Architect & interior designer in Lahore. Whether you are looking to do it at your own or following an interior designer’s tips to put his stamp on your bedroom décor, keep it in view that bedroom is the last thing, you see before closing your eyes so it should be cozy and sleep friendly. If you experience sleepless nights and feel distressed, it means bedroom is not working for you.

Keep the following tips in view to fix your bedroom to get better rest and peaceful sleep.

Diversify Lighting

Bedrooms are merely used for sleeping purpose only. We love to have chit chat, read books and often watch TV there. Therefore, light and its placement play their due role in making the bedroom look disastrous or amazing. Before decorating your bedroom, keep three points of light in your view. Revamp your bedroom by making it switch between brighter, concentrated and softer lights according to your needs. Hire the best interior designer in Pakistan and convey him your demands; he/she will definitely do it way better than your expectations.

Invest in Colorful yet Comfy Textures

You must add few colors to your bedroom, without overdoing. Keep the tone and theme of your bedroom soft and subtle. However, nothing can be cozier and attractive than soft pillows, rugs, throws and blankets. Moreover, these colorful items are inexpensive and portable, so buy a plenty of them. Expert tip: Do not overlook the theme of your bedroom.

Invest in the Right Tapestry

There are two schools of thought when it comes to choose the right window coverings. Few people love having dark curtains to block out the street light, while the rest want to have lighter curtains to let first rays of sun come in to wake them up. Before finalizing any fabric, have few words with your interior designer to adjust your window coverings accordingly.

Do not forget about Fragrance

This is definitely not something that your interior designer will tell you but like many others, you definitely need a beautiful fragrance in your room to help you wake up or to make you fall asleep. Pick a scented candle or a room spray. However, do not just stick to good smells, make sure you remove items with bad smells often from your bedroom by emptying your laundry basket regularly, your bedroom dustbins and cleaning up the rest of mess. Make your bedroom allergen-free zone for a good night’s sleep.

Treat Yourself with Luxurious Bedding

After pampering yourself with the best and amazing things, it is time to treat yourself with the luxury bedding. Invest in the best one and you will realize, what a difference it makes in your life and sleep. Ask your friends or consult your interior designer to help you getting a good one.

Have you taken any inspiration from these tips? If so, tell us what it is and how will you apply it?