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Tips on Dematerializing Small Spaces

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2 years ago

Many Interior Decorators in Lahore are looking at the idea of dematerialization in order to create spaciousness in small areas within our homes, but before we start with “dematerialization in terms of decluttering”, let us talk a bit about the general association between dematerialization and sustainable development in building terms.

What is Dematerialization and its association with Sustainable Development?

Dematerialization with Sustainable Development

Construction Companies in Lahore feel that dematerialization is a vital feature in projects that engage with the idea of sustainable development—some would say that it is the most critical aspect of all. This is not only because of the resource savings provided by reduction of any individual element in a project, but because of the multiplying factor—the ripple effect—created by these reductions.

At the fundamental level, dematerialization refers to the reduction in the quantity of materials required to serve economic functions in society. In architectural and building terms, dematerialization means “doing more with less”.

In any approach to dematerialization, planning decisions and material selections are augmented by consideration of passive energy systems which respond to climatic conditions:

  1. Solar orientation for warmth in winter and natural daylight
  2. Even cross ventilation and induced passive ventilation
  3. Night purging systems for summer cooling
  4. Temperature fluctuations
  5. Intelligent interplay of natural light

These initiatives are further supported by strategies for building services which provide reduced energy requirements:

  1. Low energy heating and cooling systems
  2. Efficient artificial lighting
  3. Integration of renewable energy sources
  4. Integration of rainwater harvesting systems
  5. Integration of passive cooling systems

Architectural Design Firms in Pakistan see “dematerialization” as an idea of decluterring your house in order to make the spaces appear neat, well-kept and roomy.

How to Increase Space in a Small Kitchen

Space in a Small Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Make the most of your cabinet space— no matter how small. Purchase drawer organizers and turn one shelf into two by using wire shelf risers. With these, you could multiply vertical storage space, giving you even more room to store all of your dishware. Your shelves must have two surfaces perfect for organizing the kitchen clutter. Place tins and bins on top, and hang mason jars filled with nuts, seeds, and spices underneath.

Additionally, you could get a slide-out prep station installed under one of the counters. This would keep your kitchen from appearing messy and would give you the advantage of having an additional working station to prepare food on. Furthermore, divide your kitchen tools as drawer dividers aren’t just for forks, knives, and spoons: Adjust them to accommodate your large, small, and oddly-shaped utensils. Knife blocks also take up way too much counter space. Instead, store your knives and kitchen utensils on a magnetic strip on your wall. You could also get your wet sponges and scrubbers off your countertop by placing them in desk organizers hung on the side of nearby cabinets.

Giving Your Bathroom a Spacious Makeover


Almost everyone’s bathroom practically has as many products as a beauty aisle in some grocery store. There are the scattered cotton pads, expired mascara tubes, an assortment of toilet bowl cleaners, just to name a few. When it comes to dematerialization, this needs to end.

First of all, make sure that you increase the cabinet space in your bathroom for linen like towels and wash cloths. Also, instead of filling up your precious vanity space, take advantage of the space below the sink with labeled baskets, bins, or stackable plastic drawers.

Decluttering the Bedroom

Decluttering the Bedroom

It is important that you have a bedroom which makes you breathe a sigh of relief the moment you walk into it.

Having a cane basket hamper is a great way of storing things that, if spread across the length and breadth of your room, might give a cluttered impression. Place this basket underneath an open bedside table to create an undercover drop spot for laundry or throw pillows.

If you’re tight on closet space, under-the-bed storage works wonders. Store any out of season clothes or accessories in space-saving vacuum storage bags or foldable fabric storage.

Think about a Roomy Study

Study Room

The study room is everybody’s go-to spot for a little “me time”, and everybody wishes to have a study room filled with a unique collection. However, a limited space over brimming with stuff never really can be a place for intellectual conception. Besides, if you fill your bookshelves to the brim, then you won’t have any room to continue growing your collection. Therefore, the goal is to leave at least 10% of each shelf bare and book-free.

Sweeping away the excess clutter from your house will make you feel light as an individual as well. It is important to have a house that feels like a home— light, airy and cozy. Decluttering the spaces in your house will give it a neat and clean look, which will make you feel relieved of the burden of always wanting to “clean up”.

Try the aforementioned tips on dematerialization to style your house anew!

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