In almost every house, there is a challenge of keeping it clutter free. A family of five people, all living under one roof are probably familiar with the nightmare of piled up bills, crowded kitchens and even garage clutter. Interior decorators in Lahore are of the opinion that most people feel that decluttering the house can be one of the biggest challenges. Here are some tips to help reduce clutter in the house.

Basic Discipline across the board

If you have children in the house, encourage them to keep their work stations clutter free and encapsulate the sense of tidying up after they finish a school project. Likewise, draw some lines for yourself and your family members regarding purchase of new items that should only be done once the older clutter is out of the house. Every time you buy something, ask yourself the question, do I really need this? Is this useful or will it just add to more clutter and piles around the house?

Don’t have emotional attachments

This is one of the basic reasons why homes have piled up clutter. People find it difficult to let go of old belongings even when they are practically of no use. Having sentimental attachments to objects around the house will never allow you to get rid of them and replace them with something that is more useful and effective. Most of the times, belongings that you are emotionally attached to, are tucked away in the closet and you barely even see them in years! Instead of crowding your house, take a nice picture of that costume your child wore to his first school event and just let go of the costume itself!

The Rule is: If it exists, it must be used

Trust me, if you stick to this one rule, there will hardly ever be clutter in your house. The best part of having this rule is that it can be applied to everything, from your child’s stationery collection to your cooking utensils. Instead of buying whatever pleases the eye, think about what you already have in your house and if that is sufficient to serve the purpose you have in mind. An easy way to begin decluttering your house is to pick up an item and ask yourself, ‘have I used this in the past 2 months?’ – if your answer is no, then that object has to go!

Invest in helpful tools

Today’s world is all about technology. It would be sensible to invest in certain productive tools that help to manage household clutter on a daily basis. There are several software and online resources that help with organizing and managing daily household paperwork (e.g bills, receipts etc.).

Therefore, there’s no need to be stressed out if your house has a lot of unwanted stuff piled up, just use the above mentioned suggestions to find out when you and your family needs to collectively clean and organize the house. Think about the peace of mind that comes afterwards and the sense of relief in a clutter-free zone!