Painting your home interior walls is usually known as one of the easiest do-it-yourself methods of freshening up your living area; however if goes wrong, it can turn into the worst nightmare of your life. Before a newbie painter kick starts the home painting process, he needs to know a few vital things, or he’ll end up with splattered paint and endless coats of paint on the walls. No matter it’s your own house or you are living in a rented space, if the paint job is done right, it can turn your home into the best living place for another year. Although, home painting must be done by hiring the services of a professional but by following below mentioned tips you can get splendid walls while keeping your sanity intact.

Preparing the Surface Wall

Preparing the Surface WallBefore you kick start the painting procedure, it is necessary for you to spend sufficient time on preparing the wall. Some of the homeowners ignore this procedure as they find it the most unpleasant part of wall painting without realizing that missing it out may disrupt the whole painting process. Always remember that there is no such paint that can hide pockmarked or cracked walls. This is why you need to scrape and fill every crack and uneven surface of your wall to make it perfectly plain.

Tinting the Primer

Tinting the PrimerWhether you are painting ceilings or walls of your luxury homes in Pakistan, you need priming them before you could apply the final coat. The primer helps painting job in many different ways including the blocking of stains from bleeding through, allowing perfect and balanced finishing for the paint and improving adhesion of the final coating. The peelings as well as the blisters are greatly reduced with the help of primer. The professionals usually recommend mixing a small amount of topcoat paint into primer in order to get topnotch finishing.

Choosing Canvas Instead of Plastic

Choosing Canvas Instead of PlasticDid you know the plastic drop clothes are not only very expensive but are also greatly inconvenient? We always drop clothes on the floor to save it from getting ruined with paint falls and splashes. The plastic drop clothes become very slippery when the paint splashes on them. Moreover, they are quite difficult to fold; whereas the canvas is not only easy to fold but also absorbs paint easily.

Buying a Paint Roller and Extension Pole

Paint Roller and Extension PoleGone are the days when stepladders were the only solution to flawless home painting jobs. Now you need to get yourself a paint roller along with an extension pole that allows you paint the ceilings as well as walls without having to use ladders. The extension poles come in many different lengths that can be up to 18 feet. The rooms with 8 to 12 feet ceilings can be easily painted with paint rollers and extension poles. While buying extension pole, don’t forget to purchase the one with a nonslip grip and a rigid metal core. It’s not recommended to opt for plastic extension poles as they are too flexible and do not allow perfect paint job.