Not everyone can afford that picture perfect, well-polished and super expensive house straight out of a magazine. Yes, we all envy those, who can afford that ultramodern and highly priced design of our dreams, but it does not mean that we cannot make our normal priced house look expensive. According to few famous interior designers in Pakistan, all it takes for a house to look expensive are some tricks and wise decisions. Now, you don’t need to worry about your house looking too cheap and dull. Using these tips by the best interior designers in Pakistan you can easily make your house look expensive and stylish, even being within budget.

Use silver as much as you can

Avoid golden and bronze, instead go for silver. Get silver metal frames for your posters and pictures. You can get any shade of silver- from chrome to ice silver and metallic, but whatever shade you choose it will look classier and more stylish than gold. Where gold gives a royal but rather a tacky look, silver is chic and elegant.

White, pastel and neutral

Have you ever noticed that all the expensive model houses have white walls combined with dull pastel or neutral colors? That is because bright and gaudy colors look cheap and not very classy. A high-class house will always be adorned with a sophisticated color combination of pastels, neutral shades and white. The walls are usually white or in a nude shade while some color is added by having neutral colored sofas, bed sheets, furniture with pastel covers and curtains.

Go vinyl and Use rugs

While plush carpets have a royal look, they are very expensive and are not easily affordable. Same goes for hardwood flooring. Interior designers in Pakistan suggest that an ideal replacement would be to get stylish vinyl floors and place classy rugs on it. Vinyl flooring is very versatile, more manageable than carpets and is indeed very classy. Style up the vinyl floors with good quality rugs to give an expensive look.

Fresh flowers and plants

Plants and fresh flowers placed in stylish vase and pots not only class up the place but also make it look chic and expensive. It gives a stylish look to the house along with making it look elegant and sophisticated. If getting fresh flowers daily is a problem, at least place potted plants. Plants also make the environment of the house cool and healthy.

Go minimal and bold

Instead of getting small and numerous decorative items get large, bold and chunky ones. Also avoid putting too much in a room. Have you ever seen a designer room all cluttered up? No, right? That is because the best interior designers in Pakistan always use minimal decorations in a room. A large chunky vase or a shelf or a wall hanging is enough. Use antique style decorations to give a classier look. Avoid being tacky and putting up unnecessary items to decorate the room. Instead go simple yet bold.

The above mentioned suggestions are cheap and simple, but they can make your house look extremely stylish, trendy and expensive!