It is usually a stressful task for many of us to buy a new sofa for our drawing room or living room. We consult many local furnishers, see booklets and search online for the newest design trends to find out the sofas that best suit our needs. Sometimes, despite consulting all the experts and using all available resources, we are unable to get to a conclusion regarding which sofa to buy. The sofa in just right size and style will be the most convenient choice for you. The interior decorators in Pakistan recommend buying sofas that truly complement your home interior and its overall theme. There are a few important things that need to be considered while buying a sofa, in order to make sure that our money does not go in vain.

Frame of the sofa

The frame of a sofa you buy needs to be strong enough to withstand all kinds of usages. In fact the quality of frame used in a sofa determines how long it would last before losing its shape. The sofa frame made out of kiln-dried hardwood is known as the most durable and long-wearing sofa. The sofas that are made out of other softer woods such as pine wood are comparatively less durable. Moreover, the frame of the sofa should not have too many knots, in order to ensure maximum strength. The thickness of the wood used in sofa frame is also one of the factors playing significant role in a sofa’s strength and longevity.

The Joinery of frame

Every sofa has its frame made out of many different pieces of wood. The connections, where the wood pieces are joined together to form a frame are known as joinery. You need to make sure that the joints of your sofa’s frame are connected by wood dowels, metal screws, wooden corner blocks and any other durable and long lasting joints. This ensures long life for your sofas.

Testing the springs

Before you finally buy the sofa, you need to check, whether or not it has sinuous, also known as the serpentine springs. The serpentine springs are preassembled units of snaking wire manufactured especially for the sofas or beds. Other sofas may come without springs or may have other material that is used as an alternative to the springs. The branded and high end sofas usually have eight-way hand tied springs which make the sofa more comfortable than anything.

Choosing the right upholstery fabric

The upholstery fabric needs to be according to your requirements. If you have too many kids at home, it wouldn’t be a wise decision to buy a sofa with leather upholstery or the one made of any other synthetic material. For a home with kids, a strong fabric in a darker shade would be the best choice. This will not only make it longwearing but would also avoid any stains to be visible. The sofas with leather or synthetic upholstery are good to be used only by adults.

The interior designers and furnishing companies in Pakistan which include AmerAdnanAssociates at the top of list, always recommend buying custom made sofas to make sure that they provide maximum comfort and are usable for long periods of time.