When constructing a new house, you certainly want to be sure of its construction quality. Although new materials and latest approach to architecture have remarkably improved the construction process, but it’s still not unusual to find homeowners complaining about workmanship and construction quality.

The consistent absence of an adequate real estate watchdog has given builders the liberty to deliver under par construction houses. Though all of them promise ‘A Grade’ (high quality) construction, but not many keep that promise.

To make the matters worse, most construction companies in Pakistan are offering ‘A Grade’ construction from 1,800 sq/m to 3,000 sq/m – something difficult to achieve in this budget. Unfortunately, most house owners decide for the lowest and ignore the construction quality because their aim is to keep project cost to minimum.

It surely gives them a house, but being a layman most of them unable to discern if the edifice is structurally sound. As a result, poor construction quality poses a grave threat to inhabitants and increases the maintenance budget because homeowners have to spend a hefty amount on repairs every year.

It is why they say, “The Taj Mahal would not have been so Beautiful & Everlasting if Shahjahan had asked for Quotation & decided for the Lowest.”

To avoid falling prey to manipulation, AmerAdnan Associates has shared a list of materials, fittings, etc. so you can have a clear idea what an ‘A Grade’ construction really is.

Sound Paperwork:

To give the clients complete peace of mind, @AAA provides them with an agreement which specifies all the materials, fittings, and more company uses in home construction. This ensures the company is committed to delivering high-quality material and construction.

Grey Structure:

Brick – First Class (Awal)

bricks for construction

Cement – D.G Khan or Maple Leaf

DG cement for construction

Steel – Model or Amreli

mughal steel for construction

Sand – 100% Chenab Sand

river sand for construction

Land Filling – Local Ghasso

land filling for construction

DPC – We lay a 3 inch horizontal DPC layer and 3 inch vertical DPC layer. The latter covers the sides of the base wall with Chips Plaster and a Chemical. Other contractors, however, use just one layer of DPC and evades to cover the sides of the base wall which eventually causes dampness.

DPC layer in constrution

Fumigation – We use FMC or Ali Akbar’s products. Ranked as the best suppliers in the country and provide at least 10 years of guarantee.

fumigation in constrution


Solid Wood – The Diyar or Mahogany wood is used to create meaningful impression since they can withstand the test of time.

wood finishing in construction

Tiles – We opt for Italian tiles for flooring that are available at SMC, Designers World and S Abdulla.

tiles to use in construction

Bathrooms – We offer Dupont’s custom designed Corian vanities and used them in bathroom trim work too. Granite is the other option if a client is not in favor of Dupont’s Corian vanities.

bathroom interior design

Kitchen – We give a pre-determined budget to our clients for the kitchen with mutual understanding. However, they are free to pick a vendor and choose a kitchen for their house.

kitchen interior design

Kitchen Accessories – We use Smeg’s kitchen accessories, which includes trays for larder units, magic corners, glass racks and built-in wooden accessories like knife holder, spices racks, etc. Besides using soft close kitchen cabinets and drawers, we also use highest quality UV, tempered glass or solid wood and Corian detailing.

kitchen accessories for home

Windows – Chawala Aluminum and Double glazed glass are used for windows.

windows for house interior

Sanitary Pipes – Popular Pipes is our first choice.

pvc pipes in construction

Sanitary Fittings – For sanitary, we use Grohe fittings.

sanitary fittings for bathroom

Paint – ICI or Nippon are preferred choices in paint.

paint for home renovation

Wall Décor – For walls, imported wallpapers, stone/marble, woodcut or 3D wall panels are used.

wall interior designing

Fireplace – Chisel marble, wrought iron, and or textured paint is used to accentuate fireplaces.

fireplace in interior design

Skillful Labor:

Above all, you cannot achieve quality finish or construction unless you deploy highly skilled workers, who have the expertise to build any kind of structure and install different types of floorings.

skilld labor

Disclaimer: The materials and information provided in this article are subject to change. They are only meant to provide non-binding general info and can never be a substitute of detailed advice to aid the prospective property owner reach a decision. Furthermore, referring to materials, vendors and manufacturers, AmerAdnan Associates doesn’t represent anyone or take any responsibility for the quality and warranties.