The comfort and quality of an office chair have a direct impact on your health as well as on your productivity. The modernization of lifestyles has resulted in great decrease in a man’s physical activities as machines have taken the charge. The offices that were once filled with countless files, cranky bosses and several cupboards have found a new life following the advent of computers and laptops. This is where you require ergonomically optimizing your workspace.

According to a post published on Business Insider “The stress, long hours, and sedentary nature of your modern office job are sucking the life out of you — literally”. This statement emphasizes on the fact that we really need to take appropriate measures to make sure we are not losing health while we launch headlong into laptops, computers and other gadgets each day. AmerAdnan has penned a few features that an ergonomic office chair needs to have. Read on to know more.


The ability of a chair to recline makes it highly practicable for the regular use. The recline-able chairs come with a special glide mechanism on the leap that makes a person to recline very comfortably while seeing his/her work. This type of chairs also minimize the strain on a person’s eyes, shoulders and arms while reducing pressure on spine and bones.

Appropriate Height

An ergonomic chair always has an appropriate height. This chair ensures that the feet are flat on the floor while sitting and the thighs are parallel to the ground. Moreover, the forearms require to be parallel to the work surface to ensure minimum stress and tiredness. If the chair’s height is too low, it causes knees to be higher than the hips resulting in transferring all your body’s weight to sitting bones whereas if a chair is very high, it would result in putting excessive pressure on the sensitive areas behind the knees.


The arm-rests of a chair need to provide proper support as a person is working and resting. This is the reason an ergonomic chair has adjustable armrests. With adjustable arm-rests, one may easily get closer to work and pivot conveniently. Moreover, they offer proper arm height making it possible for professionals to stay comfortable and up to the mark all day long.

Lumber Support

Owing to the modern day working style, many people are suffering from low-back pain which seems unrecoverable for many. This is the reason ergonomic chairs come with adjustable lumber system giving people excellent firmness, control and a steady position. The lower back of a person fits comfortably against the lumber support eliminating any chances of low-back pain. They also keep individuals refreshed and energized despite working continuously for longer durations.

The ergonomic office chair is easy to move and has a soft upholstery. But you must consider whether or not you require chairs with arm-rests before buying one, as for some people it is difficult to work due to arm-rests.