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The Ultimate Renovation Checklist for Pakistani Restaurants

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5 years ago

Has your restaurant been facing a persistent business slowdown? Does it seem like customers aren’t coming in as much as they used to – even the regulars? If you are planning renovation as a solution, it’s best to first get a 10,000-foot view of the entire situation. Is the eatery’s entire decor outdated? Should you change the restaurant’s theme- from the color scheme to the type of seating? There are quite a few scenarios in which a restaurant remodeling will do the trick and restore the business’s profitability. This decision requires quite a bit of homework, as you will be closing doors for at least a few months. In addition to deciding on which Pakistani architectural firm to hire, the management will also have to temporarily re-assign the kitchen and waitstaff to catering gigs or other branches.


If all that’s required to restore the restaurant’s pizzazz is surface-level interior design work, upgrade the ambiance with this checklist:

  • A good place to start is by making adjustments to the lighting, especially in the dining area. In addition to tweaking the fixed lighting points and changing the hardware finish, it may be time to call in the gardener to trim the trees that are blocking out the natural light.
  • Swap out the slightly outdated furniture pieces and decorative items with the trendier, newer ones. If most of your clientele comes in to dine in groups of four, the type of table seating should be updated to reflect that trend. Some designers prefer using upholstered booths to add some drama and color into a restaurant. You might want to consult with an interior decorator in Pakistan to get an expert opinion on dining area furniture.
  • Replace the rugs wherever they seem worn out or dull. If your establishment has wooden flooring, its best to get them re-stained and re-varnished – especially in the high traffic areas like the foyer and the dining hall. In the case of marble flooring, the best way to maintain it is to call in a crew to get the entire surface rebuffed to perfection.


  • An integral part of the renovation process is assessing the restaurant’s layout. Is everything, from the buffet table to the dessert bar, readily accessible for the customers? Can all the diners easily signal or catch the maître d’s eye while sitting down?
  • While still thinking about the layout, there may be room to make the dining establishment more friendly for customers with special needs. Can a customer with limited mobility easily access the main dining hall, be seated at their table and make their way to the restroom? Are there ramps available at the entrance and exit? Are there restrooms fitted to assist an individual in a wheelchair? Some minor remodeling work may be required to ensure the doorways and hallways are in line with accessibility regulations.
  • Is there enough storage space in the back of the restaurant? Will the addition of another commercial walk-in refrigerator or freezer reduce the overall monthly grocery costs?
  • Another area of the restaurant to investigate for remodeling purposes is the commercial kitchen. A renovation is an excellent opportunity to upgrade or replace existing appliances with newer, more efficient models.
  • Will your restaurant benefit from a drive-thru lane? If most of your business consists of takeaways, it is worth considering a move to a new location or exterior remodeling to accommodate a drive-thru window.

A customer’s opinion of a restaurant is greatly influenced by its atmosphere and ambiance and they often share it via online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

Structural Changes


If serious remodeling is what you are after, you should begin by selecting a brand-new design theme that works with the new floor plan. The design theme includes a color scheme, the dining area layout, coordinating table-chair sets, the wall paint, the flooring and much more.

You will want to ensure that the restaurant’s design synchronizes with the culinary theme that is on offer. For example, if you are exclusively serving Chinese cuisine, then you must make sure that the restaurant’s decor reflects that. It should appear to be a classy, oriental-style dining hall rather than a brightly-colored burger joint.


Restaurant maintenance is an integral part of keeping a restaurant up and running. You don’t want to run into any issues mid-way that can possibly interfere with the comfort of your customers. Keep a lookout for problems such as electrical work, maintaining kitchen equipment, plumbing, lighting work, gas-related issues and so on.  Before starting the renovation itself, the managerial team should highlight key maintenance issues and get quotes from professionals. Consider the priority level of each issue and note down the level of urgency next to each repair task. Those restaurant owners with a tight budget should focus only on the urgent, high-priority tasks. Look for flexible architecture companies in Pakistan that can adjust the plans according to your budget and help you achieve the maximum benefit from the renovation.

Restaurant Maintenance


There are some simple remodeling tricks that make a restaurant seem more inviting while increasing its walk-in potential. As experienced restaurateurs will attest, something as basic as re-doing the entrance, adding street-side table-seating or placing a friendly greeter at the curb is enough to boost the number of walk-in customers.

A successful restaurant transformation will not only attract new customers to your establishment but also bring back the old ones. Work with a well-reputed construction company in Lahore to ensure maximum profitability out of a restaurant renovation.

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