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The Relationship between Interior Decoration and Human Behavior

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9 years ago

Interior decoration is a perfect combination of science and arts. The interior designers make use of their intelligence, creativity and technical expertise to provide solutions to their clients. A perfect interior design helps enhancing the quality of life. According to the experts, whether it’s about your home interior or about your work place, it always has a great impact on the attitudes of people living or working in it. Amer Adnan, one of the leading architects and interior designers in Pakistan, is of the opinion that interior design theme color of a workplace greatly affects the efficiency of employee; whereas when it comes to home interior decor, it also affects the behavior and moods of people living in it. The deep relationship between interior decoration and human behavior can therefore never be denied. Here are the effects of professional interior decoration on human behavior:

Effects on Social Interaction

Interior design of a place has direct influence on people’s social interaction with each other. For understanding more precisely, you may divide the social interaction in terms of privacy and personal interaction levels. Since interior decoration is a sociological human need, if it’s done well, it would definitely ensure sociable environment within the premises. A good interior design in a workplace ensures more contented and productive employees whereas in a home environment, it ensures happier dwellers. For instance, a good interior designer would make sure that in a working environment, each of the employees gets sufficient privacy via partitions and separate cabins to avoid any visual and physical intrusion.

Psychological Human Response

According to the expert psychologists, the human responses to environment are intricate and can be understood best in terms of three stages including perfection, cognition and spatial behavior. The perception of an environment can be defined as the procedure of using senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste in order to become aware of the environment. A qualified and experienced interior designer helps creating environmental stimuli so as to direct the above cited psychological stages and the processes of motivation, effect and development. A well-known interior designer and architect in Lahore, Amer Adnan lays strong emphasis on interior designing and decoration that effects human response and behavior positively.

Whether you own a business organization or seek perfect environment for your home, you should make sure that you hire the services of a qualified and highly experienced interior designer and architect. An amateur and inexperienced interior designer would fail to get you positive results from your environment so, you should not compromise while hiring an architect.