Whether you are on a journey to constructing a brand new home or gearing up to renovate your old home with open plan living, there are many things that need to be considered before you get started. The idea of open plan living has undoubtedly gained high popularity across modern house designs in Pakistan and is increasingly becoming popular across the country.
There is no doubt about the fact that a home with a few dividing walls does create an expensive, airy and inviting feel, but in order to ensure that it matches well with your living style you should implement this idea carefully. Below we have discussed the pros and cons of open plan living at homes that will clear up things for you.

The Pros:

1. Creates a Family Friendly Home that Ensures Healthy Parenting

An open plan living undoubtedly creates a family-friendly home. Since the kitchen is located centrally, overlooking the living and dining area, it offers peace of mind to mothers as they can keep a check on their children while cooking food.

Apart from the constant supervision owing to open plan living, the mothers can also help their kids with homework and many other things.

2. Ensures the Entertainment Factor

The open plan living ensures entertainment for the family. A person cooking food in the kitchen never feels disconnected with the guests around the home.
Moreover, it creates a relaxed feel in a home due to less walls and airy atmosphere. The parties can also be arranged really well at such spaces because of the extra available open space.

3. Creates a Light and Bright Home

Every person loves a bright and open home. With less walls and more natural inflow of light, the homes with open living plans are far brighter and natural than others.

Besides, many studies and researches have proved that people living in homes with more natural light inflow remain positive and optimistic, whereas those living in dark homes are often found gloomy and pessimistic.

The Cons:

1. A Compromise on Privacy

Since the open plan living ensures a family-friendly home, it takes away the privacy factor. For the book lovers, who are often in the search of a private nook in a home where they could sit and read their favorite books, a home with open plan design wouldn’t be a good deal.

The only quiet corner they could find in such a home is the patio or balcony. Besides, if the unexpected guests arrive at your home, it would be difficult for you to conceal the untidiness and chaos by just shutting down a single door.

2. Gives a Cluttered Look

Due to the lack of walls that define each room, a home with open plan looks like a cluttered spaces with no dedicated spaces for sitting, dinning, relaxing or sleeping. This could be made possible only if the dwellers are highly disciplined and keep everything tidied up all the time.

In order to clearly define each room, AmerAdnan usually recommends placing storage units or bookshelves. Moreover, the expert interior designers in Pakistan arrange furniture and rugs strategically and use colors wisely to create and divide special areas in the home.

3. Lack of Wall Space

If you are an art lover and require sufficient wall space to display your artwork, it might get difficult to fulfill this desire in an open plan design home due to the lack of wall space.

Every home layout design comes with its pros and cons but the open floor plan has more pros than cons as it gives a great aesthetic appeal to the modern homes.