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The Most Unusually Designed Café’s in the World (Part 2)

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6 years ago

In the previous part of ‘The Most Unusually Designed Cafes in the World’, we took you to London for Feliks Topolski Café, to Nha Trang for The Salvaged Ring Coffee House and to Tokyo for Café Ki. This week, we have curated four more cafes from around the world that have stood out and been praised for their unusual design and form. We are sure that this list will satisfy the inner creative and designer in you. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s picks, shortlisted by Amer Adnan Associates:

1) East Beach Café – West Sussex, UK

East Beach Cafe West Sussex UK

Owned by Jane Wood and daughter Sophie Murray, the East Beach Café is situated in the small southern coastal town of Littlehampton in West Sussex, UK. The cafe’s exterior reflects a piece of driftwood that curves from one side elevation to end as a cantilevered outcrop on the other side. The exquisite interior comprises of contoured walls and cleverly concealed roller shutters that cover the windows once the café is closed. The local welders made use of weathered raw steel for ribboning and crafting the strikingly robust outlook of this café.

2) The Dreamy Camera Café – South Korea The Dreamy Camera Cafe, South Korea

A South-Korean couple highly inspired by the love of vintage cameras and photography constructed this café in the year 2013. Its appearance is reminiscent of cameras of old. The same couple owns the café and interweaved their love of photography and aviation into the exterior and interior since they’re aviation pilots too. At the Dreamy Camera Café, the customers are encouraged to talk about these areas of interest. Naturally, the café also offers instant photography. It stands 30 feet tall and mimics twin-lens camera. To top it all, the interior showcases an impressive vintage camera collection.

3) The Jury – Victoria, Australia

The Jury, Victoria, Australia

The café named The Jury used to be part of a prison before the prison was shut down in the year 1997. Its previous tenants included notorious criminals while it was also called home by renowned crime novelist Chopper Read. Based in Coburg, the Jury Cafe’s unique selling proposition is the ambiance and eccentric feeling of sipping a cup of joe in a former prison. Despite having a gloomy history, the café is now stylized in a fresh and modern authentic décor. It was designed by Biasol Design Studio who highlighted the contrast of the café’s history and present through grid lines, angular mods and birch-black contrast.

4) Mirrors – Gifu, Japan

Mirrors, Gifu, Japan

The Mirrors café in Gifu, Japan has a uniquely designed exterior. The awe-inspiring café features wall-length mirrors that reflect the natural beauty of its surroundings, particularly the nationally symbolic cherry blossom trees. These natural icons are accompanied by camellia trees. The ivory gravel that sits at the entrance reflects natural light onto the mirrors and trees to highlight the effect of nature within and without. The interior houses wooden rooms, wooden chairs and walls painted in white, red and green to emphasize the forest theme prevalent throughout.

At Amer Adnan Associates, we believe that a coffee house should have an interesting exterior, interior and ambiance so that every visitor enjoys their time. The spatial and design elements should entice the senses so as to make every experience memorable. Being lauded interior decorators in Pakistan, we have created an exemplary portfolio that showcases projects from coffee houses to restaurants and so much more.

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