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The Lobby of Squares

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10 years ago

The lobby was narrow. And double – heighted. It came with a bridge and a skylight.

It was in desperate need of design aid, to tie in all these elements together.

My initial thoughts went towards wrought iron, where slight embellishment under the bridge, as well as on the stair railing would add décor without overpowering the space. But then plan B evolved where the long wall was covered with two-tone square-cut marble with some projecting glass boxes scattered in between. You know, for interest.

But I got some handy advice along the way to design completion; the lobby is narrow, add a mirror.

The glass boxes were replaced with mirrors, and the space starting looking all the more interesting. Reflective surfaces add a lot of depth, and by removing the individual framing around each square mirror, the element was allowed to become an analogous whole.

The geometry fit, and the large mirror made the space seem larger.

And one can never go wrong with ocher, which is the predominate color in the whole scheme. It adds a touch of summer to an otherwise windowless space (save for the skylight) and is at once warm and inviting.

The square pattern continued on the floor, where regular cuts of 2’ X 2’ marble were inlaid with chocolate colored, marble circles of irregular size. These act as a good foil to all the straight-line geometry, and complement the twisted wrought iron railing (had to fit in wrought iron somewhere!)

On the whole, it’s a warm decorative space, that is likely make many people smile (whether simply at themselves as they look into the mirror, I cannot really say).

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