Wrought iron is perhaps one of the most versatile (and my all-time favorite) design elements. It can be used in contemporary settings (less curls and frill) or grand art nouveau interiors (more frill please).

It adds character to a space, probably because it has been through so much itself. Wrought by its very definition is to be bent, twisted and shaped. The elements thus formed are often intricate and dainty, with an uncanny hardness.

Funny how I used to think wrought iron was only suitable for gates and candle holders.

The images show how I’ve tried to incorporate this material into the home, without making it too daunting for tenants and visitors alike.

The lobby features a grand bifurcating staircase, with iron detailing in the back windows and balustrade. Delicate patterns inspired from lace or wooden latticework can be replicated and added as a fixture next to the double doors.

In the other lobby, the wrought iron mesh frames the staircase, adding a bit of excitement to a tucked away corner. The round opening is fun and the mesh allows for free passage of air and light, so the space doesn’t feel restricted. With some thought into the lighting, playful patterns could form on the walls and floor, making the whole space feel rather groovy.

But how can one forget the feature wall. Simple iron motifs and wall art patterns can add a lot of drama, at a reasonable cost. Even heavy duty fireplaces, for the study or den, can have an industrial look with wrought iron disks stacked on vertical plates that serve as dividers.

As with all things, working wonders with wrought iron work requires some whimsy and a little imagination. Whether you use a little (or a lot) depends on the space, and how much you are willing to embellish.

Perhaps you could splurge on the staircase railing; it’s not all about floral patterns and twirls. There are plenty of subtle geometric patterns you could look into.

But one thing is certain; the end result would be oh-so-lovely.

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