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The Growing Trends of Eco-Friendly Homes in Pakistan

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7 years ago

Eco-friendly homes have become a growing need for those who can afford them considering the current global warming situation of the world. Thus, this has taken a move towards making one’s home as eco-friendly as possible by incorporating more and more options that are sustainable and good for the environment. The initial cost of including eco-friendly features in one’s home may be slightly high, however, the long term advantages of doing this comes off as an overall advantage to everyone.

This trend has especially become a necessity considering how the southern areas of Pakistan such as Karachi plunged into a heat wave recently which caused great concerns amongst the populace and gave the impression of faster than predicted global warming. Therefore, there is an obligation towards introducing eco-friendly homes in Pakistan and making these a requirement in order to promote not only a better environment, but also cleaner and more sustainable ways of living.

People have started incorporating eco-friendly features in their current homes and constructers like Amer Adnan Associates ® are aware of this trend therefore they have also started integrating such environmental friendly features into newly constructed houses and buildings such as solar panels, energy efficient lighting, energy conserving appliances etc. At Lamudi Pakistan, an online real estate marketplace, many such homes can be found for rent or for sale that include such eco-friendly features thus starting an initiative for better environmental friendly living which is not only better for the environment but also for the residents of these houses or buildings in terms of cost effectiveness.

According to research done by Lamudi Pakistan, Pakistan is evolving towards an eco-friendly trend thus making nearly half (49.5%) of the property listings on Lamudi’s website as having integrated sustainable and environment friendly features into their design and features.

Therefore, with the adverse effects of global warming being felt all over the world and recently in Pakistan, property owners have started looking towards incorporating environment-friendly features in their current homes or are intending towards buying homes that have eco-friendly and sustainable features integrated in them. This will thus not only lead to better living but will also add to a cleaner environment.

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