In my mind, this was a shop versus showcase approach.

Fabric shops tend to be floral, cluttered and noisy places, where refinement and class take a backseat to lace doilies.  This is not a trope, I have unwillingly been to several and they are all quite similar.

Thus when opportunity strikes, don’t let it pass you by. It was time to try something different. The fabric store is located in downtown Sargodha, on a 4500 square foot plot. It is a delightfully large space, which can easily accommodate the swathes of fabric the owners are vying to sell.

Wall to wall storage shelves are a given, and incorporated into the design is also a fabric tunnel. This is essentially made out of wood, but with bars and rollers to hold the fabric. So what the customers get is an experience…and the owners get a chance to show off their product in an interesting way. The cash counter is another fun element because it adds drama, which is what all potential customers are looking for…right? I guess so, because it adds up in customer experience points. The stainless steel bars are wrapped around an existing column, with spotlights for illumination. The counter is divided into quarters, where two parts serve as layered shelves. On the adjacent column, horizontal steel disks are placed on their vertical counterparts, for the mannequins to showcase the newest designs for the season.

In the end it’s all about exclusivity. People everywhere want to feel they are getting something that’s not available to everyone. Whether it’s through interior design, brand awareness or the word ‘DISCOUNT’, sales outlets want to maximize on their well, sales. So attention all shoppers…on your one stop place to shop, take a look around. If you like what you see, then certain people are doing their jobs right.

If still confused, consult a professional interior designer  Amer Adnan Associates to find the best match .