The starting point is actually called shifting the design from paper to the ground, marking and chalking the center lines of the walls. These center lines are what hold the walls and then the entire structure of the house. To begin with the entire site is cleaned of debris and is then checked out for leveling, if a particular part of the site is not in level with the entire site then more soil is added to maintain that level. Once the site supervisor makes sure that leveling is done he then briefs the onsite workers on how and where to start from.

The equipment used for the chalking process is Spun Polyester Lines, self-retracting measurement tape and human help. The site Amer Adnan Associates supervisor along with his helping hands, span the area one final time and then start measuring the length of the walls on the ground while referring the original measurements. Once a wall has been measured, two people with the spun reel go from one corner to another and the chalk is dusted to mark the line. This is once case scenario, some contractors prefer to lay out the entire drawing with the help of spun reel on the ground and then start the chalking.
There is no measured method for the chalking as it varies from site to site, but the things that are kept in mind are the soil type, whether it is able to hold the load of the walls on it or not?, the soil level and in some cases if the soil is not stable enough PCC is used to make a stable foundation. Apart from the basic measurements there is no actual precaution you can take at this moment, the soil type and strength are already checked by the supervisor to start the chalking process. But yes what follow next are what you have to be patient for.