Many potential readers may feel alarmed at reading such an evocative title, but I assure you, you need not worry. For this challenge comprised of a task that I spent many a day and night thinking over. I was asked to design the niche of a main bathroom wall.

I had to be innovative.

I couldn’t use tile.

I couldn’t use materials that needed to be imported from Geneva.

I had to think.

And I came up with something.

Sand. Most people are familiar with sand art; decorative bottles adorning kitchen shelves or window panes of hobby stores. There are enthusiasts who spend hours making pictures with sunsets and camels in an orange desert in a bottle. Some even have their name written in a little glass box, where the black ink contrasts well with the multicolored grains.

So why not built a sand art glass box into the wall?

It will look incredible. It is cheap. If the sand settles, or gets damp with time, replace it!

It’s cheap!

And it’ll look so interesting, flushed into the wall. Brushing your teeth will never feel dull again. You may even brush longer as part of art appreciation.

The design could even take an hourglass shape, where the glass curves add more depth to the design.

But no challenge would be complete without a good option number two.

Which is why I thought of ‘the cracked effect on chrome’.

It’s a psychological thing to be both fascinated and terrified of broken glass. You see it, you don’t like it, you certainly don’t want to break it, but you’re still looking so there must be something going on there…

It’s because since early childhood we are taught not to break things. And glass makes a particularly harsh sound when it hits the sink/floor and one can’t help but wince at the sound.

Making a cracked glass wall by Interior designer would be considered a little tasteless. Or seen as social commentary of a future dystopia which nobody would really want to think about when in the bathroom.

Thus the cracked effect has been carved onto a chrome sheet, making it a shiny piece of art. The carvings resemble spider webs, and the whole wall would certainly make one stop and notice.

Chrome is also reflective, and with cracks distortions are likely.

You could have a ball of a time making funny faces.

After all, it’s all about creating experiences.