Is the hustle and bustle of a busy commute meddling with your peace of mind? Are you looking for a space that will instantly energize you? Drop the car keys by the front door, as you no longer need to trek down to the neighbourhood coffee shop. Look no further than your very own terrace!

Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight

Technically-speaking, the terrace is a transitional space that connects the indoor living space with the outdoors. Depending on the layout, and whether it is on the roof or the ground floor, the terrace can provide inhabitants with easy access to fresh air and sunlight along with the comforts of indoor living . That can look like shelving, adjustable sunshades, and electrical sockets.

Here are some possible uses for a terrace on residential properties:

Party Central

Balcony and terrace seating is rapidly getting adopted by the trendier restaurants in Pakistan, and for good reason too! Such seating takes full advantage of the skyline, the breeze, while also providing the diners with some privacy. It is easy enough to replicate that ambience at home. All one needs is partial shade (an umbrella or a pergola roof), a wooden table, some chairs, lanterns, and floor cushions to convert a terrace into a mini-cafe. A terrace can be the perfect hang-out spot for brunches and dinners with family and friends.

Book Nook

If you are a bookworm, a renovated terrace can provide the ideal blend of privacy and comfort to read one’s books in peace. Add floating shelves or if you have ample space, then a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is perfect to store your collection. A bean bag with a low ottoman, a rug and a spotlight are all that is required to create a cosy reading nook.

Experienced architects in Pakistan can transform an underutilized terrace area into a hub for relaxation (or play). It is entirely up to the homeowners what the terrace will be primarily used for.

The Perfect Escape

The Perfect Escape

Transforming your terrace into your favourite spot at home is an exciting idea, but the actual logistics can get a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips:

Diverse Color Palette: With a terrace, you can experiment with a variety of colour palettes – from bright, primary colours to neutral hues such as browns, blacks, and grays. If a sleek urban design is what you fancy, remember to break up the monotony with potted plants, rugs, and clay-based wall decor.

Privacy-First: One of the main benefits of investing in terrace decor is, it lets you enjoy the outdoor view without compromising your privacy. The best way for creating privacy in the terrace is by using large ornamental planters, hanging baskets and hedges.

A customised outdoor space can inspire “stay-cations” for homeowners who prefer modern house designs in Pakistan. The addition of a swimming pool or a jacuzzi can ensure total detox from the busy work week. If you plan on hosting plenty of lively gatherings then a custom-designed patio is another possible renovation project.