You lovingly gaze at your freshly carved display cabinet. It’s beautiful in its quiet, wooden elegance…but wait? Upon closer inspection you see a tiny hole, from which motes of wooden dust collect in a brown heap.

The termites have struck again!

Some areas within Lahore have more of a termite issue than others – money spent getting rid of these pesky critters before construction is always worthwhile. Termites make their presence known by damaging various items within the household – books, furniture and soft furnishings.

There are several pre/post-construction termite proofing measures which are explained below.

Soil Applied Liquid Termiticides

First things first – after digging the trench and laying the footing, soil on both sides of it must be treated by chemical sprays. Soil around all piers or columns must also be treated, as well as the earth under patios before the slab is cast. This prevents foraging termites from reaching your house through the surrounding soil – hence creating a barrier in their path.

Be warned! Application of termite proofing sprays must be done during three phases. After the initial method described above sprays are applied after backfilling the soil and before the flooring is laid.

Foundation Termite Barriers

Termites also make their way into homes travelling through hollow masonry units. To create a roadblock metal shields or masonry caps are placed. It’s basically a covering which is solid to its core. No room for maneuverability.

Termite resistant building materials

A more thorough method would be to seal the building envelope entirely through termite resistant building blocks. Siding materials or treated lumber are some of the options to go with, but they are more expensive than their often used counterparts.

Mulches and Landscape protection

Plants, grass and other organic material should never be in direct contact with the siding of the building. This material should be kept at least one foot away from the building surface; soil within this area should never be dug up and replaced since it could create a space for termites to enter undetected. The best option is always to pave a 12-18 inch border around the constructed area.

There you have it! Spray today and keep the microscopic nightmares away.

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