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Take a Peek into Barack Obama’s New Home

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7 years ago

November 2016 is the time of the year when the US will welcome its new president. This means President Barack Obama and his family have to depart from the White House.

And, guess what?

Unlike Pakistani politicians, Obama won’t get to stay in the White House for months or years after completing his term. The poor guy will vacate the presidential residence by January 2017.

And no, he is not moving to a newly built farm house.

According to NYT, the Obamas will move to a mansion in Kalorama, an upscale area that is merely two miles away from Washington DC. Numerous real estate sites suggested that the estimated value of Obamas’ new home is $6 million and it is owned by Joe Lockhart, who was the senior advisor to Bill Clinton and a former press secretary.

The nine bedroom house is constructed over 8,200-square-foot and will serve as a temporary abode for Obamas. As the family has chosen to rent the space for a monthly rent of $22,000 roughly.

Though Obama has a home in Chicago, but he intends to remain close to Washington until his youngest daughter Natasha (known as Sasha) graduates from high school.

Let’s take a peek into Obama’s new home:










Photo Credits: WASHINGTON FINE PROPERTIES, LLC – The Express Tribune



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