A sunroom might be a new term for many because the idea has not yet gained as much popularity in Pakistan but in various the advanced housing societies of the country, which aim at constructing the houses with maximum innovative features; this has started becoming a growing trend.

What is a Sunroom?

It is actually an additional room, which is usually an extension of your indoor or in some cases it might be a separate room in a house’s patio, where one can enjoy the surrounding landscape, while staying safe from the adverse climatic changes, such as raining or piercing sunlight.

The construction style of each of the sunroom may vary depending upon the fact, where it is being constructed. However, the normal structure involves walls and windows all around with a solid foam insulated panel roof, making the room akin to mobile room. More often, the sun rooms are referred as porch enclosures, and these may feature a shed, or studio style roof. The other terms used to describe this additional room are – solarium, conservatories, patio room and green room. Whatever the type of sunroom you want to construct in your house, hiring the services of a construction company in Pakistan is primary step you need to take in this regard.

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Types of Sunroom

Seasonal Sunroom: Such rooms are constructed while using single pane glass windows and screens that are usually of full-length or these may be built-at a knee-wall. The inside temperature of these rooms depends upon the outside climatic conditions because there is no insulation in the roof or windows, instead the natural ventilation through window blinds and shades keep the indoor balanced. However, such rooms are hard to be used in the hot summers; but hilly areas could be exceptions where this season is not as hot.

Screened Rooms or Patio Enclosures

Screened rooms or patio enclosures are just perfect to give the maximum outside view as their walls are built of glass all around. As a simple glass is the only major material used in the construction of these rooms, therefore a screened room is considered the most economical option of all. The windows or ventilators of high roofs keep the indoor temperature balanced; thus making you enjoy the fall and colorful spring.

Solariums and Conservatories

Solariums are also constructed with full-length or a window on a knee length wall all around but the way it differs from the others, is the view it provides. These provide a panoramic view of the surroundings; therefore this design of the sunroom is preferable in the houses in hilly areas, where landscapes provide amazing views.

Knee-Wall Sunrooms

These lodgings are not used just as sunrooms but also as additional rooms, with glass windows standing on knee-walls. Such houses provide you an outside view with some privacy of short walls. Alongside these walls, you can make window-beds to add a comfortable seating.

You can use different types of materials for making the structure of windows, which may include – Aluminum, Vinyl/PVC, Clad and Wood. When it comes to choosing the glass of the windows, there are lots of options available at your disposal, which include – single glazed, double-glazed, triple-paned glass, Low E-glass, Argon-Filled Glass and Tempered-glass.

While picking up the location of your sunroom, your architect in Lahore takes into account various factors, including the exposure to sunlight and the area where the house is built-in.