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Stirring Front Elevation Designs by AmerAdnan Associates

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7 years ago

Front elevation is a term that is frequently used by architects and builders, but for a layman it’s nothing more than a technical stint that signifies some part of a building or structure. Keeping this in view, AmerAdnan Associates, the leading architecture firm in Pakistan, took the liberty to explain the term to you and exhibit some of its inspiring front elevation designs from the recent residential projects it has delivered.  

The term is actually used for the straight-on view of a home and sometimes also called entry elevation. The entry elevation of a house consist of features like porch, main door, windows and anything that sticks out of the structure.

Marketing companies usually use front elevation images when they are looking to market/sell new homes as it attract buyers. More importantly, it’s an economical way for marketers to show off a property. Here are some intriguing front home elevations that may pique your interest.


The house has traditional front elevation with pergolas and mud finish. Giving it a simple, but an elegant look.


It s a modern façade where we used a ribbon window with clean lines. The ribbon window is accentuated with wooden louvers – this element is mirrored on the boundary wall.


This one is again a non descript simple elevation with emphasis on accent lighting. While the railing on the terrace is made out of wood.


It’s a Spanish style home where green windows and red shingles are used which add to the Spanish themes of color, and multiple stacks.


This is another Spanish style house that has comparatively straight line, with accents on the windows and railings.

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