For most of people, sofa shopping is a real nuisance. People find it quite annoying and exhausting when they are supposed to visit various furnishers’ showrooms and they are yet unable to decide which sofas are going to be the best choice for them. If we get to the market, we will be able to find hundreds of sofa designs, each upholstered in a different fabric, which would leave us totally muddled. Finding the perfect sofa for you is undoubtedly a tough task and requires you going through a great deal of effort. Whether you prefer a high or low back sofa, the one with fixed or loose cushions, a sofa by designer or just the one that fits your needs, with basic guidance and know-how, you can find the perfect sofa for your home. The two main types of sofas include the leather sofas and the fabric sofas, each comes with its own benefits. Please read below the benefits of each kind of sofas to help you buy the one that fits your needs:

Fabric Sofas

The fabric sofas are most commonly used at homes. They are mostly a part of every traditional home and are admired because of their heavy and extraordinarily ornamented looks. Amer Adnan, one of the renowned interior decorators in Lahore is also of the opinion that fabric sofas add elegance to homes. Below are the benefits of the fabric sofas:

  • Comfort

Although it mainly depends on the type of fabric used in the upholstery of your fabric sofa yet there cannot be a sofa more comfortable and relaxing than the one finished out of fabric. Their wooden frame is completely covered with foam and fabric and cushions afterwards to give the most heavenly feel to you. Besides, the fabric remains cool unlike other materials even during the summers.

  • Care


If you choose a good quality fabric for your sofa, you will definitely end up contented. A premium quality sofa fabric would withstand wear better and many of them are even treated with stain resistant finish to allow easy cleaning in case of spilling.

  • Unlimited Colors & Designs

Colors & DesignsWith fabric sofas, you get countless designs and colors to choose from. You can get your fabric sofa changed every year with a whole new color and design of fabric. Whether you like clean contemporary lines, big or small checks, geometrical shapes, traditional design patterns or you just like a plain colored fabric, you can easily find a sofa at the local store.

Leather Sofas

The leather sofas are also one of the most popular choices in the modern day. They are mostly used at professional settings however the trend of using leather sofas at homes is also increasing every other day. The interior designers in Pakistan recommend leather sofas for offices more than for homes. Please read below about how leather sofas can help easing your life:

  • Hypoallergenic

Unlike the fabric sofas, the leather sofas are hypoallergenic, which means that they are best choice for allergy sufferers. The leather does not harbor dust mites, pet dander and any other types of allergens the way fabrics does.

  • Appearance

The leather sofas have the ability to give some different kind of elegance to a room. Many people are not really inclined towards traditional fabric designs and patterns and like plain colors more. For such people, the leather sofas are just right choice.

  • Care


Leather is easy to clean unlike fabrics. No matter how it got stained, you can make use of soap and water to clean up your leather sofa into a brand new one. Besides, a leather sofa does not catch dust and therefore does not require very frequent dusting or rubdown like a fabric sofa needs.