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Simple Room Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Attractive

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2 years ago

A house is only a brick structure if there are no inhabitants, and it can be turned into a home by personalizing it with the decorations you love. This not only makes your home more lively and beautiful, but can leave the visitors in awe if you have done the right job while decorating. While it is better to avail the professional services of interior decorators in Pakistan when decorating a new residence, you can take care of some basics on your own without inflating your budget. The following room décor ideas we have gathered for you are not only simple but will make your abode irresistibly attractive.

Choose a Theme


Every good thing starts with a step, and the first step you need to take to make your house look better is to choose the theme you want. You cannot reach the destination if you don’t have the direction, and to have great house décor, you need to know the theme that describes you the best. Find out what your personality is and what things you like. Once you have figured it out, you will know where to go from there.

Decorate Walls with Art

Paint Your Favourite Colours

It may sound cliché, but ornamenting your walls with art has been one trend that has been going on for ages and still has a prominent place in modern house designs in Pakistan. Art can be something as simple as a poster or printout of your favorite movie or TV show. Another great idea is to put your memories to display, like pictures of the auspicious occasions of your life. A picture is worth a thousand words, and your family pictures assorted on the wall can be the only art your house will need to wow the visitors.

Add a Bookshelf or a CD Case


If not all of us, then most of us have a collection of our favorite books or CDs lying somewhere in the closet. It is time to bring them out and put them to use. Wait, before you start thinking about the book you will read or the movie you will watch after bringing out your hidden treasure, you need to think of a place to exhibit them. If you do not have a study room, your bookshelf can take a little space in your living room, which is also optimal to display your CD collection. It will not only add class to your home décor but according to some interior decorators in Lahore, it is a must-have display in your home that will warmly welcome any guest. To enhance the look of the shelf, you can even adorn it with various decoration pieces.

Pay Attention To The Floor


One of the most neglected elements of our houses can be the floor. You can enhance the beauty of your home by beautifying your house floor in simple ways. You don’t need to do a lot to give your floor a fresh look. You can do this by adding rugs. Rugs can be called the cherry on top of your house décor that will take every bit of your decor efforts to the next level. You can use rugs with various patterns, colours, and styles according to your theme.

Accessorize To Accentuate


The simplest way to blow a new life into your house décor is to accessorize it. You have innumerable ways of adorning your house with different accessories. You can use an assortment of flowers in various vases that are in line with your design theme. Utilizing LED lights on the wall or the bookshelf is another remarkable way to let your house shine. If you are accessorizing, don’t forget to use mirror items as they are the simplest way to add elegance to your abode. The era we are living in is the time of technology and electronics. Small electronic accessories like phone-holders and gadget-containers can help store things efficiently and keep the place tidy.

These are the easiest and simplest ways recommended by some of the best interior designers in Pakistan to make your home irresistibly attractive.

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