There are certain shades and hues in the colour wheel that are almost universally applicable in the home. Sometimes muted, earthier tones make for a great finish in any home and space. While black and white combinations are recognized as the “safe” choice for interior design purposes, there is so much that can be accomplished with the colour grey. Grey is literally a colour that is equal parts black and white. That factor alone makes it endlessly compatible with all the other available colours. Grey is the neutral colour that interior designers turn towards when sandy or egg-like colours are unable to achieve the desired look. Grey (and its many shades) can work as both the base colour as well as an accent colour throughout a residential space. Depending on the application, a grey wall or a set of grey pillows can add a touch of elegance or add much-needed drama to a space. Not only is it easy to source, grey happens to be one of the year’s trending colours for both residential as well as commercial designs. As construction in Lahore begins on your brand-new home, read on and see if you want to incorporate shades of grey into your colour palette.


Color Scheme
When deciding on a colour palette for their homes, it does not end with selecting a colour scheme for the walls.  An interior designer can use just about any colour or accents of that particular colour across  a variety of surfaces. From the duvet to the sofa covering, grey is an extremely versatile colour that can work well with wooden floors as well as marble tile-covered floors.

The presence of even one light grey wall allows the interior designer to  play around with darker or brighter colours. A light grey wall can be accentuated by an emerald green velvet sofa as well as  a bright red console table topped with an artisanal vase. Similarly, it’s quite trendy nowadays to place wooden furniture in a room with predominantly grey walls. Although this may sound like a very corporate combination, it’s a colour palette favoured by a lot of homeowners.


Incase the formal living room already has wooden floors installed, add in grey-toned wing chairs, high-back sofas, and gold-accented coffee tables to the mix. This particular juxtaposition, with a sharp contrast between the cabin-like flooring and the salon-type furniture, will provide a touch of sophistication to the space. If you’re decorating a bedroom, you can pair light grey  fitted bed sheets with dark grey pillow covers and patterned comforter covers. The contrasting shades of grey can transform an ordinary master bedroom into a luxurious hotel suite. Grey-toned roman blinds can be paired with crimson curtains to add some much-needed depth in an otherwise basic living space. From hand-painted birds to geometrical shapes, there are countless fabric patterns and textile designs available in grey or grey accents. It is up to you, the homeowner, and your interior designer to select the right one for your drapes or sofa coverings.


If you prefer one colour and feel that it’s the most aesthetically-pleasing choice, there’s no harm in using that same colour in other parts of the house. While sticking with one colour, such as grey, you can still access a substantial range of shades from ‘White Smoke’ to ‘Charcoal Grey’.  Designing an all-grey study room can have an overall calming effect and can keep the occupant focused on the task- at-hand – be it a homework assignment or a long-term research project.



With so many errands to wrap up in the days leading up to a move, it is easy for homeowners to overlook flooring options in their new residence. However, by hiring a good interior designer in Lahore you can ensure a creative flooring option for literally any part of your home, from the foyer to the formal dining room.  Honey-coloured wooden laminate floors work well for households with young children while wooden planks fashioned from Norwegian pine look picture-perfect in a modern loft-like setting.  If you are not looking for a wall-to-wall flooring solution at the moment, you can bring home a shaggy carpet in blue-grey or a rustic area rug in powder grey instead.

Whether you choose a grey-toned palette for your interior or opt for another colour altogether, there is bound to be a room that can benefit from a tasteful splash of grey. During your preliminary research phase, make sure to choose a firm that offers premium interior design and architectural services in Lahore.