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Selecting Doors for Your New Home

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3 years ago

Doors have a significant impact on how you live. While planning your space, it is essential to pay attention towards door function and to understand as to what kind of doors would suit best in your environment.

There are two primary construction types in doors: Flush and Panel.

Flush Doors

Flush doors are commonly used because they tend to be inexpensive and are obtainable as both solid and hollow-core doors. They have a flat surface and do not have any particularized patterns or details as embellishments on them nor any type of raised area. Basically, they are synonymous to a single piece of wood. Most are still very lightweight to allow for easy hanging and use. You can complete them with a variety of stains or even paint.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are doors divided into panels or different panes. As compared to the flush doors, panel doors offer more dimension, appeal and detail. The panels can be horizontal or vertical ones. Panel doors can be completely wooden or have panels of glass. They can also be solid or hollow-core. You can paint them to match your home’s overall theme.

Let us now explore some popular styles offered by high-ranking Architecture Companies in Pakistan.

  1. Hinged Doors: Keeping Up With Design and Practicality

You must intricately look into the types of doors that would go best with the overall design and theme of your house. If you have a grand facade, the most practical option, would be to choose a custom-built front door to create an architectural statement.

Hinged wooden doors are a timeless classic, and radiate the panache and finesse that every house yearns to display. They are a great choice as standard exterior or entrance doors and have a lasting quality. It is critical to see the door for its ability to stand under exposure to sun and rain, as the front door of your house must have a reasonably-long life. When rainwater is able to penetrate the components of a door or the frames or sills, it adversely impacts the performance of the door unit and drastically cuts down its durability. Thus, a fully protected wooden door would be at a great advantage with exposure.

With the fully protected version of a front door, the exposure is minimised at the doorway and you have ample room to be creative! Be it having an elegant carving embroidered around your front door or going for a mid-century modern look with a minimalistic finish, with this kind of a front door, you will invite a lot of praise from friends and family, at your doorstep!

While choosing doors for your interior, think about their practical usage. If they are bedroom doors, you may want those designed to open and close without noise. If you are revising or adjusting your home for older family members or those who are differently-abled, you may want to consider hinged doors which are double wide, or those with enough convenience for mobility chairs.

  1. Barn Doors: Pastoral and Rustic

Barn Door

Barn doors look like they have appeared from a barn. They tend to have slats or pieces of wood attached to them in usually a crisscross manner. They create a rustic look in the home, though they do not have to be true barn doors. The doors celebrate the beauty of pastoral life and go great with cottage-style houses.

  1. French Doors: Useful and Elegant

French Door

French doors have an elegant look and they tend to be two doors, usually with glass panes, which open up into a space. The two doors tend to open at the center where they meet, creating a large opening as they swing away from each other. Typically these doors look great in the sitting parlor or the main lounge of the house. When closed, they offer a dynamic enclosure of the space, which can then be air-conditioned or heated, depending on the weather outside!

  1. Sliding Doors

These doors slide open instead of swinging open. They move in a horizontal motion, usually by gliding along a track, which is mounted either on the base of the floor or on the upper portion of the frame.

  1. Folding Doors

Folding Door

When pulled open, these doors fold into two portions, outwards. This type of door is ideal for closets or in areas with a limited space. You can also consider them for dining halls, which need to be closed for sit-in dinners. With these doors, it is easy to close up a space conveniently for occasional heating or air conditioning.

  1. Pocket Doors: Ideal for Limited Space

Hidden or pocket doors are great when you need to save space. In these doors, the door is built into the wall next to it. A pocket in the drywall allows for the door to slide into and out of it. By being concealed, it saves the space a hinged door requires to swing open. Home Construction Companies consider it ideal for walk-in closets or wardrobes that are set inside the bathroom.

Doors are some of the most undervalued and rarely considered components of a home. However, when choosing doors you can add flair, beauty, and character to the different spaces in your home.

At the end, with a little meticulous approach, it will all be worth the time and the effort that you have invested into getting it done perfectly for your home!

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