As the end of another calendar year i.e. 2014 approaches, Pakistanis around the globe are considering investing their yearly savings in real estate industry across the country. The property prices are also persistently on the rise in all major cities of Pakistan and there has been a significant boost of investment channeled into Pakistani real estate sector. Therefore, we may call it an ideal time of the year to consider investing in property in Pakistan. Apart from investment in property, the construction of new houses as well as commercial buildings is also on the go for the reason that oversees Pakistanis have visited Pakistan lately on account of Eid-ul-Adha and have purchased residential as well as commercial lands for construction. AmerAdnan, the owner of an award winning Pakistani construction company AmerAdnan Associates® is also of the opinion that now is the right time for Pakistanis to construct homes as well as residential properties in Pakistan’s top cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Below is a short guide for Pakistanis to invest in top cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad:


Property in LahoreWhen it comes to investing in the historical and wonderful city of Pakistan, there are quite a lot of options for the investors to consider. Apart from the societies in Lahore that have already made a good reputation in the real estate sector across the city, there are many new projects by Pakistan’s leading real estate companies, under construction. However, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is the first name that always hits an investor’s mind. Team AmerAdnan Associates had an interview with Director, Asad Mirza, a couple of months back, during which he also recommended oversees Pakistanis as well as the local investors to opt for Defence Housing Authority since it is going to be the safest bet. The prices of property in DHA Phase 5 are hiking each day. Moreover, plots in DHA phases 8 and 9 as well as in Bahria Town have also picked pace and are perfect for investment in Lahore.


Properties in KarachiKarachi, the largest and liveliest city of Pakistan is the also one of the best places for investment in the real estate sector. The city of lights gives numerous options to the property investors within the country as well as those abroad. Karachi being the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan is a place where you’ll find land developers and builders quite active. Those who want to invest in plots, houses and apartments or in commercial properties can opt for Karachi with full confidence. Although just like Lahore, the most talked about society in Karachi is Defence Housing Authority (DHA) yet there are a few other societies such as Creek Vista and DHA City which are grabbing significant attention from the investors across the globe. Apart from these societies, the top emerging future societies for investment in Karachi include Crescent Bay and DHA Phase 8 under the banner of Emaar Pakistan. Emaar being one of the world’s leading and credible construction companies has already huge and successful projects in Dubai to its credit therefore it is trusted most by the overseas Pakistanis.


Islamabad real estateBeing the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is also considered as one of the safest cities in the country for real estate investment. Islamabad is also preferred by those who are more inclined towards peaceful and silent housing community that is far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Those who want to invest in property in Islamabad for short time and sell it off later or even those who are planning constructing homes for personal use should opt for PECHS which is in vicinity to the new Islamabad International Airport. Due to the ongoing construction of one of the region’s most hi-tech airports, the surrounding areas are also undergoing significant development. For investment in plots and houses, sector E-12 neighboring E-11 is a great place. In addition, the property experts are foreseeing sector E-12 to follow the same trajectory.