Doors undoubtedly are among the products of primary importance and without them, your home construction or renovation cannot be considered complete. The doors offer a significant amount of insulation, illumination, ventilation and privacy. So whether you are constructing a new home or are in the process of renovating it to make it in accordance with your living needs, there are some really important factors that require consideration as you go ahead to choosing doors.

The important factors to be considered when choosing doors include its purpose, material, aesthetic appeal, hinges, knobs, locksets and lot more. Here is a practical door guide by AmerAdnan for all the new home constructors or renovators that will enable them to select the right doors for their space.

Wood Doors:

Wood Doors

The most popular are the wood doors, not only because of the natural beauty and elegance, but also due to their exceptional functionality. The wood doors add a great feel to a home’s décor and make it look more prized than ever. There are solid wood doors available in many different grain patterns to give an amazing look to a home. For enhancing energy efficiency in a home, solid wood doors are insulated with polyurethane.

Steel Doors:

Steel Doors

The steel doors are usually made out of 22 or 25 gauge metal. With the increase in number of the metal gauge, the thickness of the steel also increases. The paint done on the higher gauge steel doors is less susceptible to chipping, the reason being it doesn’t bend or flex. The steel doors are quite a lot less costly as compared to the wood doors and are easy to maintain. Moreover, they offer the highest level of security to a room. The steel doors are mostly installed on the rooftop in luxury homes in Lahore.

Fiberglass Doors:

Fiberglass Doors

The fiberglass doors are one of the latest kinds of doors available for homeowners these days. They are durable, offer security and are a cost efficient solution. Most of all, the fiberglass doors are really attractive and require minimum maintenance. The most popular fiberglass doors simulate the look of wood grains. The fiberglass doors made out of premium quality material do not corrode, warp or swell when exposed directly to humidity and moisture. The fiberglass doors that come with high-grade fiberglass and detailed paneling are installed in luxury homes across Pakistan these days.

Choosing the door depends on your financial priorities as well as the theme of your home. Therefore, seeking advice from a professional home architect and or interior designer is perhaps the best idea. Since they can suggest you various options while keeping your budget in view.