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Practical and Creative Floor Ideas for Your Modern Pakistani House

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3 years ago

Some essential elements that one must consider while looking at the floor patterns, is its resistance to recurrent use and humidity as well as hardness, besides its ability to preserve its color despite frequent use. The floor is essential for the ornamentation of your home, and it is a feature in which we not only look for unique design patterns, but also for quality and strength.

There are ample ideas for modern flooring from smooth to glossy or matt-finish, with or without textures, rustic clay or stone, ceramic or wood, synthetic or marble, and even raw or polished cement…the options are innumerable!

However, the choice we make for a modern Pakistani house is where the floor needs to augment the rest of the look and have a direct association with the room in which it will finally be placed. While modern house floors are placed as the final finish on the bottom surface of the room, it is important that they have a well-crafted base on which they can be laid. For this, preferably, the base must be of cement, and it should be smoothly steamrolled to allow the flow of water to the drains in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Floor Finishes for a Unique Entrance

Unique Entrance

Considering the concentration of things that it has to endure, the floor of the entrance hall to the house must be made up of a resistant material. Currently, it is not difficult to get natural materials processed in order to increase their durability. However, when the corridor is cohesively joined to the room, it is aesthetically preferred, that the same type of floor is chosen for the room as well as the corridor.

Visually it is not appealing to merge varying colors and textures in floors that are an extension of another space. The entrance floor for a modern Pakistani house, as the interior decorators in Lahore suggest, has to be of the most appealing view. It is best to play between smoky grey exposed concrete floors and pale hardwood floors, both of which would look great in an ultra-modern setting for the entrance hall!

Minimalist-Modern Living Room Floors

Living Room Floors

The living room is one space, where top architects in Pakistan suggest, you could let your creative and cognitive faculties run wild! It is the space where you could play with textures and motifs. While in the bedroom, the presence of neutrality in tones entices us to rest, in the living room we can look at options of the latest trends in flooring for homes, where colors could contrast or combine with your walls and furniture. It is imperative to ensure, however, that the style you opt for the living room, is not completely separate from the rest of the house.

If you have opted for a minimalist style in which simplicity prevails in the decoration under the maxim of less is more, you will need to ensure that both the floor, and the walls and furniture are in white or neutral shades. Dark grey, black and metallic touches are great options you can include in this style. If you want a Mediterranean look, you will need the tiles to be mottled in rich, intense colors. This can be achieved by choosing from a number of modern flooring materials like marble, wood or ceramics. The choice will be contingent largely to your budget as well.

Floors for Your Bedroom

Bedroom Floor

For the bedroom floor, our advice to you is to choose wood. Wooden floors have a unique charm that provides warmth, while giving a very cozy touch to the bedroom space. The alternative flooring for modern bedrooms is tiles, but it becomes a herculean problem during winters to go with tiles without having warm rugs spread across the length of the bedroom, or else it will turn your feet super cold! In case you prefer tiles, it is best to choose neutral and cold colors, such as grey, beige, blue or similar soft tones, and use colorful carpets to complement the design by harmonizing or contrasting an overall monochromatic look of your bedroom.

Contact the top modern house designers in Lahore for some innovative ideas for the floors in your bedroom.

Floor Ideas for the Bathroom

Bathroom Floor

One of the prominent considerations that you must bear in mind when choosing the bathroom floor is that it should match the wall coating, offering this space the ornamentation it should merit.

Among the wide variations available in the market for modern house floors is vinyl, which is perfect for the bathroom floor. Ceramics, tiles or stone are also good materials for modern bathrooms. In this space, it is best to use an anti-slip, water-resistant material that protects the bare feet on the wet floor to avoid falls.

You could mix and match the floor color with that of the washbasin. Similarly, you could opt for neutral characters in tone if yours is a small bathroom, to get a greater sense of spaciousness. Another idea could be to play with the colors and patterns of the flooring of the shower or under the bathtub, which is a key element, especially in colder areas.

Floors are an essential aspect of the room and therefore must be calmly and meticulously chosen. Take your time in selecting the floors for your home’s interior spaces.

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