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Play Magic with Intelligent use of Mirrors in Your Home Interior

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8 years ago

When it comes to decorating the interior of a house, an experienced interior designer in Pakistan can do wonders by intelligently using various accessories. Everything he uses definitely has a specific meaning with respect to functionality as well as decor.

Let us take mirror as an interior decorating material and see how a professional can use it as a multipurpose commodity. Mirrors are good to fool the eyes because they are technically used to make a smaller space look bigger and to amplify the day-light in an area. These are available in the market in different designs and styles depending upon their usages. See how an interior designer plays magic while cleverly using the mirrors.

Use it to Create Brightness inside a House

The houses, which are brighter from the inside due to the entrance of natural light, give a pleasing effect to eyes. Suppose if any room, such as a basement is darker due to minimum entrance of light, an interior designer can make it brighter by using mirrors. He places the mirrors on the wall opposite to window; the mirror will reflect the incoming light ultimately making a room sunnier.

Use Mirrors in Hallways

Sometimes due to limited space, the hallways are made narrower, which make the entry way darker and congested. Thus, the best idea to make this area look spacious is to use a full-length mirror on the wall which a visitor looks at first. For a more creative work, an interior designer can even place mirror vignettes, puzzle pieces, antique mirrors or can use any other interesting technique.

Suppose if you have any window in the hallway, you can use mirror not only opposite to it but also on the ‘window reveal’. The window reveals are the spaces inside the window area.  This will help increasing the illumination to a greater extent. You can use the same techniques on the other windows where you want to create a spacious and dazzling feel.

Place a Mirror inside a Bedroom

There are numerous ways of using mirrors for enhancing the interior of your bedroom. For instance, you can simply place a mirror either in front of your bed, as a part of your dressing table or you can simply fix a long mirror in a wall in a way that it not only reflects the light but also makes your room look beautiful. You can either go for simpler mirrors which have various carvings of wood along with all of their edges.

Place Mirror Next to the Fireplace

To give an artistic feel to your room, you can place mirrors next to the fireplace because it will boost the light, creating an ideally illuminated ambiance. In the similar way, an interior designer can also place a mirror in-front of a lamp. When the light strikes the surface of the mirror, it automatically spreads across the room, creating a glittery feel inside.

In a Dining Room

Placing mirrors in front of the candles can make a dining room just right place to enjoy a candle like dinner. However, make sure that the mirrors are just not placed randomly instead their direction of placement is in accordance with the position of candles. A modern interior designer in Lahore can better guide you about various techniques and ways, using which, he can use mirrors for creating an artistic interior.

A creatively and intelligently designed home depicts the interior designing taste of the owners. People, who love art and want to make their homes look unique, can hire the services of a top construction and interior designing company to decorate their homes.

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