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Painting Concepts for Your Room

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2 years ago

Painting your room the right color can be a very herculean task. Just the idea of selecting the color can be very tedious at times. However, with a little expert advice, one does feel reassured and confident about the choice being made.

In this article, we will look into some painting concepts for rooms by top interior decorators in Lahore.

Smokey Green

Smokey Green

It adds a fresh richness to the spaces in your home, particularly the kitchen, and is extremely easy to upkeep because it doesn’t require frequent renewals. For a kitchen particularly, a gray backsplash will complement a smokey green feature wall where you’ll display your favourite kitchen articles! It usually offers to make the space appear well-lit and come to life. It’s utterly warm and calming, so works well in living rooms, bedrooms, and guest rooms. It’s also an excellent exterior color, or for garden furniture.

Cream Brown

Cream Brown

Interior Designers in Pakistan say that if you would like an accent color, cream brown should be the primary on your list. Pink and coffee shades would be a natural complement to this colour. It might work rather well in small bedrooms or even lounges, where you’ll put this color on a wall that you simply decide to transform into a feature wall. Spotlights on top of your favourite family photos hanging on this feature wall, would be the coziest spot within the room.

Sulking Pink

Sulking Pink

A shade of pink that catches the attention but doesn’t overpower, may be a great option for the children’s room. Its soft and warm aesthetic should be paired with “overly bold and bright colors,” to turn it more appealing. Whether it’s for a statement wall, or cupboard doors, this hue breathes tons of energy into the space and is incredibly stylish.

Spiced Honey

A rather untraditional, not too contemporary color but has proven its mark among people and features a rapidly growing popularity. This may go wonderfully with contrasting shades and hues, sort of a chaotic splash of color, just lit to perfection! If coupled with understated hues like pearly brown, and soft orange, it will create a marvelous statement for your lounge and your drawing room.

Silver Stone

A popular choice for bathrooms as well as bedrooms. It can be dressed up, or down, though brighter colours tend to figure best for a modernized look. Match this with wooden floors, soft furniture and dramatic wall accessories, like paintings and enormous mirrors. It’s also popular thanks to the clean finish it provides.

Perk up your home with these painting concepts and let your friends and relatives be dazzled with the awe-inspiring look that these colours disseminate.

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