For centuries, the kitchen was considered as an unimportant workplace and was often isolated from the home, typically at the back of the building. People usually considered it as a room for bare essentials. However, over the past decade, the kitchen has become one of the most important places in the home. People these days have started considering kitchen as an active part of a family home. This is why we often find open concept kitchens which are located in the heart of home. Some people like their kitchens to be walled-off and private whereas others like them open and public. If we make an analysis of the pros and cons of open and closed kitchens individually, we will be able to figure out the type of kitchen that best fits our requirements.

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The Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen PlansThe idea of an open kitchen was first introduced in 1990s and over the time, it continued to become popular. If we have a look at the report published by AIA (American Institute of Artists) we will be able to figure out that the integration of kitchens with the casual living area remains one of the most popular designs. According to AmerAdnan, one of the leading interior designers of Pakistan, above fifty percent of the clients these days take great interest in open space floor plans. In another report published by AIA this year, it was mentioned that all is well with the open kitchens at homes.


• An open kitchen keeps the family united as it integrates meal preparation with other activities such as watching television in the living room, playing video games etc.

• It helps facilitating conversation between the invited guests as well as the home cooks.

• The closed kitchen walls disallow natural daylight to enter the kitchen; whereas in an open kitchen, the daylight is allowed free into the kitchen.

• An open kitchen adds a sense of volume, especially in modestly sized homes.

The Closed Kitchen

Closed KitchenA closed kitchen restricts the access to doorways making food preparation a hidden process. This type of kitchens have been a part of every home since centuries and even today, a vast majority of people prefer having separate and closed kitchens at their homes. In eastern part of the world, i.e. in the Asian countries such as Pakistan, the closed kitchens are considered more comfortable as they allow the privacy of family from the formal guests. There are a number of benefits of having closed kitchen at a home.


• All the food prep messes are hidden from the visitors/guests.

• Closed kitchens mean more walls and ultimately more cabinet storage, countertop work space and a plenty of room for the electronic appliances.

• The cook gets complete privacy while preparing the food.

• The cooking odors which are often unpleasant for the guests remain restricted to the kitchen.

• A closed kitchen allows more formal dining experience as compared to an open kitchen.

The above statements conclude that open as well as closed kitchens have their own respective pros and cons; therefore, before choosing the type of kitchen for your home, you should perform complete analysis of both and figure out the one that is closer to your expectations.