You must be familiar with the phenomenon of the spare room.  That one room threatening to become a “study”.  No one actually studies in there and there probably isn’t even an actual desk in the room. For all intents and purposes, this is a room that defies explanation.  If left undefined, the risk is that this space will transform into yet another guest room.

When designing a custom-built house, experienced architects make certain that not an inch goes to waste. This ‘maximum utility’ mindset extends to all parts of the residence, such as the bedrooms, the living room, and even the basement area. Sometimes, despite the architectural team’s best efforts, the purpose behind certain spaces is forgotten.

If you are currently considering a home renovation, here is a question for you: Is there a room that is just accumulating luggage, extra blankets and cobwebs? Four words: multi-purpose activity room. As the name suggests, you can use it for an array of activities – from yoga training to a full-scale home gym or an all-around kids playroom to a mini-meditation spot. Since it’s an activity room, all you  have to do is  fill it with the right equipment for each of the designated activities.

Stumped about how to design your activity room? Here are a few tried-and-true room design ideas:

Yoga Studio

Is it a work-related looming deadline or a personal relationship that is stressing you out? It might just be the weather bringing you down. Whatever it is, a good meditation break, even for twenty minutes, can re-stabilize your energy levels. An interruption-free, dedicated space can add considerable depth to your ongoing yoga practice.

All that is required to transform a spare room into a yoga studio is the following:

  • Durable, woven or knotted carpeting like berber or level loop,
  • A yoga mat,
  • An air purifier, and
  • A wireless speakers set to play ambient music.

This kind of a yoga room will clear up your senses and give you some peace and quiet from when you want to get away from household chores and work/personal stress.

A Gym to Call Your Own

Gym Interior

Having trouble making use of your monthly gym membership? Do you find it hard to turn the car towards the gym after a long day at work?  Perhaps, now is the time to finally cancel your membership and start working out at home! The same room you can’t seem to utilise can become a great home gym. Get a treadmill, a few lifting weights, and you can get in shape in the comfort of your own home!

Play ‘N Learn Space

Nothing compares to the bliss of young children quietly puttering away with their Lego pieces or coloring in their activity books. On the same note, nothing can measure up to the tornado of young children playing a vibrant game of “Cops & Robbers”. While it is easy enough to banish the kids to the garden, the mostly tropical climate of Lahore isn’t very cooperative in this regard.

A kids’ play area can easily be accommodated amidst a gym section and a yoga spot. In one corner, set up a bookshelf with soft, padded edges, a two-sided easel-chalkboard stand, a few colorful bean bags and toy chest. Engage an experienced interior decorator in Lahore to create a funky kid-friendly space within your multi-purpose activity room.

Arts and Crafts Studio

Arts and Crafts Studio

Turn off the phone, crank up the radio and grab a paintbrush! Another often ignored form of relaxation involves arts and crafts. Whether your preferred medium is oil or watercolor, the act of painting allows for limitless creativity on the canvas.  If not painting, you can always try your hand at sewing, crochet, or even assembling model aeroplanes.  All you need to set up the studio is a sturdy work table, a well-stocked art supplies shelf and a steady supply of your favorite caffeinated beverage.

A combination of any of the previously discussed ideas will result in a fully-customized family-friendly activity room. The best part about designing a multi-purpose activity room is that it is a budget-friendly project.  Construction in Pakistan is all about smart space utilization, so make sure to  use your newly-constructed activity space wisely!  For those homeowners about to embark on a renovation, it is recommended that they enlist the services of a good construction company in Lahore.