Congratulations! You are at a point where building a dream space in Pakistan is possible – now you must decide upon whom you’ll need to take you where you want to be.

The process of hiring an architect in Pakistan is simple; it can be easily summarized into a series of points.

1. Prioritize Yourself

You need to spend time actually defining what’s most important to you. Think about the architectural styles  and designs that you admire, the buildings that inspire you. Figure out the aspects that you’d like to incorporate into your project and why you feel they’re important. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with current design practices (through internet resources or otherwise), you’ll make well informed decisions regarding your preferences.

2.  The Architectural Company Portfolio

With the scope of the project well-defined, you need to see whether the architectural company in Pakistan you choose is experienced with the type of work you require. Experience need not be defined by the years of architectural practice or whether the projects have been featured in international digests – if you are getting a kitchen remodeled, you need to know whether the firm has experience remodeling kitchens.

3.  Existing Projects – Check them out!

It’s always important to look at a firm’s ongoing projects. When visiting a site the factors to look at are:

  • The quality of materials being used – bricks, plaster and steel
  • The labor present and their workmanship
  • The quality of material installation

In a completely constructed project, take in the elevation and the feel of the place. Does it impress?

4.  Your lifestyle matters

Pakistani Architectural firms have varying strengths with respect to their business models – you need to determine what suits you. Some people prefer to remain rather hands-off on a project; their work schedules don’t allow for daily visits or weekly material selection. In that scenario, the firm like AmerAdnan Associates, with the best possible supervision should take priority over everything else – then you can rest assured the end product is exactly what you envisioned it to be.

5.  A Similar Wavelength

In business matters, effective communication is key. Often, a single meeting can determine whether you fit well with the firm in question. Be very clear and very honest about your expectations. If the response you get is of a similar nature, then a business relationship can develop.

An innumerable number of things can go wrong in a construction project – it’s the nature of the job. So work with people who understand you and who entertain grievances with positive solutions.

As with any industry, nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done.