You hear the soft lapping of waves as the yacht lazily makes its way down the marina- this is what an ideal holiday escape looks like.  Upon waking up from your siesta, chances are the only lapping you will hear is the dog drinking from the water bowl. All hope is not lost, however, if what you desire is a nautical-themed room. These boat-friendly home decor ideas will certainly transport you to the wide blue yonder!

Nautical interiors seem to work well with vacation homes; perhaps it has something to do with their cool and carefree vibe. Dig deeper into the nautical theme and one sees a distinct color palette, consisting of blue, white, and red, begin to emerge. A careful arrangement of these core shades and you are well on your way to a truly coastal residence. There are many specific details with which homeowners can transform their homes, such as captain hats, anchors, flags, boats, and even vintage boat-in-a-bottle collector’s items. Tap into the expertise of an interior designer in Lahore that has worked on modern, out-of-the-box interior design ideas before. We will explore some must-have elements of a nautical-themed home makeover.

Sea-bound: Selecting the Right-type of Furniture

Barely-treated, softly buffed, natural wood works the best for nautical-themed living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. If you are re-doing a balcony, a deck in the garden or  an outdoor sitting area near the pool, most designers recommend cane furniture. Cane furniture, including the coffee tables, is fashioned from naturally weatherproof material and provides the perfect backdrop for an evening bbq party .

Unlike other interior design themes, the nautical theme comes with its own exclusive range of fabric patterns and prints. This allows the interior decorator to mix and match as many fabric designs and textures as their heart desires! Some may choose to pair tan leather with navy-blue on a sofa-set while others would rather use sheets embroidered with hundreds of mini-lifesavers. Other interior designers may opt for upholstering the sofa in bright red and throwing on a few boat or anchor emblazoned accent pillows.

Ship Ahoy! Deciding on a Color Palette

Color Palette

White, blue and red – these colors define the interior of a truly nautically-inspired home. These combine to represent the white clouds, the deep blue seas and the vibrant reds of life as a water-bound explorer. Most interior designers opt to keep the walls white or light blue, so the focus remains on the decorative touches and theme-relevant artwork. To complement the white walls, you can add blue by placing a small miniature boat set on the side table or adding a blue-based rug under the coffee table. Experiment with these core colors and see what looks best for your living room.

Under the Moon: Lighting Decisions

Another important aspect to consider is the lighting. Lighting options include nautical lanterns, beach chandeliers, rope lamps, coastal lamps and even anchor lamps! As you can see, there’s a wide variety of products to choose from. Ultimately, you will have to decide on what type of lighting will work with your room. For example, you can have rope lamps on the side tables, hang a nice beach-themed chandelier and place an anchor-shaped lamp on the console table.

Walk the Plank: Décor Details

Walk the plank- decor

To be honest, it is the individual decor pieces that truly tie a theme together. With a rich concept like marine life, there are endless decoration options for a trained eye. From a replica of the coral reef to a mobile of carved glass mermaids, there are many off-the-wall art items that connect with this theme.  If a traditional homage to the sailor’s life is what you are after, you are in luck! You will readily find wall decoration pieces like a ship’s steering wheel, miniature anchors, captain’s hat and faux porthole windows in the marketplace.  Throw in some full-scale maps, 3d globes and a set of binoculars for additional authenticity.

Seaweed: A Touch of Green

Find an interior design company in Lahore that can accommodate the living wall concept  into your home. Living walls are extremely beneficial as they help regulate high temperatures while simultaneously cleaning the air of pollutants and dust. Other than this, you can also place potted plants near the windows. Adding a touch of greenery will help give an airy and fresh feel to your living room.

Ensure that your newly-designed room stays true to the coastal theme by working with an experienced architectural design firm in Pakistan.