During the early days, painting a house interior or exterior was considered as a simpler task because it required you to visit a nearby paint shop and purchase a few light and dark-colored shades of paints along with some other related accessories. But now, the arrival of new painting equipment, paint selection tools and innovative techniques is considered as one of the most inspiring ways of customizing your house interior and exterior.
Now, painting has become the strongest factor in creating a particular look of a house including the exterior and interior because it adds value to its curb. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology has introduced us with various house painting techniques because it takes into account every single thing such as trim, shutters, windows, doors and accents. Everything is painted while keeping the decoration, functionality and various other factors in view.
Mix-match of paint colors is a completely new idea in residential painting because it not only involves paint colors but also the architectural framework or design of a house. If you want to go for modern paint matching with respect to your house framework then hiring the services of a top interior designing and construction company in Pakistan is necessary.

Points to Consider While going for a House Painting Mix-Match

•    You need to take into account the whole framework of a house that includes – roofs, masonry and the architectural assortments such as doors, trims and windows. These days, architectural designs carry the special geometric and linear shapes, which can be accentuated in different ways while using mix-matching of paint colors.
•    Usually, in the linear designs, using lighter-tone paints is a good technique to enhance various architectural features.
•    The modern mix-matching technique uses neutral and soft-tone colors because these are best for almost all types for architectural frameworks and designs. The most popular soft-tone colors, which are seen in various houses in Pakistan are – hazelnut cream or gray brown.
•    If you are really concerned about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house, go for the modern residential mix-matching that uses a couple of shades including a soft or two complementing tones. For each house framework (exterior and interior) there is a need to use special mix-matching technique as it allows you to highlight different designs, curves and shapes.
•    For creating a bold or eye-catching house exterior, you can contrast the color of the doors with the soft tone paints used all over the interior and exterior of the building.
The modern mix-match painting technique is useful in a way that it enables you to create a look of your house according to your taste. Even, changing the color tones of your house is like experimenting with the overall look of your building. You can even go for a new look every six months but make sure that this is done while keeping the framework or design of a house in view.
Mix-matching is not just for new houses; even you can make your old house look newer and fresher just by painting it in a more artful way.
Colors define the basic interior and exterior of your house; therefore, you need to be very careful while selecting them. By hiring a renowned construction company in Lahore or in any other city in Pakistan, you can beautify the interior of your house by using modern painting techniques and methods. Make sure, the professionals you hire have a deeper sense and experience of modern interior designing so that you get the best work within your allocated budget.