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Materials and Construction: Top 2021 Trends for Home Renovation and Restructuring

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2 years ago

Undertaking a home renovation project is an uphill task that requires some basic preparation. First of all, a well-thought-out renovation design plan should be formulated. For that, you need to be well aware of all the structural features of your house.

With the arrival of 2021, it is tempting for homeowners to opt for trendy and universal renovation designs for their homes. But with countless options out there, they might find themselves confused. Before you dive into your home renovation project, go through our updated list of new designs and trends in 2021.

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Renovation Features with New Trends and Design as Per Top Interior Designers in Lahore

Wider Doorways

  • Wider Doorways: One of the most stylish feature you can add to your renovation ideas in 2021 is wider doorways. Since most homes have doors less than 32” wide, it is ideal to install 36” wide doors. This will not only bring elegance to your design but will also allow privacy by dividing rooms better.
  • Wider Traffic Areas around Furnishings and Fixtures: The “traffic pattern” of a room refers to the way people move through space as they live in it. Typically, a traffic patternwill begin at the entrance of the space and continue through to a secondary door into another room. Having wider traffic areas around furnishing and fixtures is in vogue nowadays. This ensures that the spaces within the house look breathable and spacious. Moreover, the traffic pattern should flow to the sitting space, but not through it.

  • Lowered Bathroom Fixtures: This ensures an unconventional bathroom setting coupled with providing greater independence to anyone who uses the bathroom. Also worth considering are lowered light fixtures with switchplates that make switching the light on and off easier, such as rocker switches.

  • Consistent Lighting: This confirms that the lighting throughout the house is uniform and provides visual clarity. Consistent diffused light evenly distributes light into a particular space without the glare or concentrated spots produced by many other light sources such as light bulbs and spotlights. For 2021, this is a must-have in each home renovation plan.
  • Changes with Nightlights: Nightlights are essential to be installed in all areas with nighttime activities like sit-in or Barbeque dinners that are arranged in your patio, outdoor terrace, or even lawn. Nightlights not only keep you safe at night, but they also add a splash of color and style to your bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. 
  • Bathroom Closets: As you step inside 2021, your home renovation project must include a plan for restructuring the closets. Built-in closets within the bathroom are a great idea. The design statement for these would be glass doors that are tinted black. The idea is to have lights fixed within these closets, so that each time the closet is opened, the light adds to the overall illumination of the bathroom. Not only does this look very chic, but adds a perky modern flair to this space. You can also get adjustable rods and shelves fixed within your closet. The same idea of lighting and adjustable rods/shelves is applicable to your pantry cabinets as well.
  • Drawers and Cabinet Doors: Home Construction Companies in Pakistan believe that 2021 is about modernism paired with comfort to achieve an atmosphere that is relaxing, yet pragmatic and beneficial to each individual in the house. In tandem with this notion, get easy-to-grasp handles fixed for all drawers and cabinet doors, particularly in the kitchen. This would not only make your life so much easier and practical but also would put an end to the countless struggles you might have had while wrestling to open them. Additionally, specially designed door and window hardware is something that needs to be given consideration; including lever door handles, swing-clear hinges, single-lever, and tandem latches, along with remote locks or keyless entry systems.

In addition to these, handrails on both sides of the steps are also something that should not be overlooked when you are planning your home renovation. If you think you need it, it should be given due consideration and subsequently added to the project. Also, think about the reflective non-slip tape on all non-carpeted stairs in case you have a family with small kids or old family members in the house. Another good idea would be to install touch or voice-activated light fixtures. Lastly, to ensure ease of movement, you could add non-slip floors and floor coverings as well.

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