Today, infinite stone like products are widely available in the market and it’s easy to get confused when trying to compare ceramic tiles and marble. To resolve the issue, here AmerAdnan Associates has compared the two materials by sharing their pros and cons.



1: Marble flooring is popular for its magnificent, decorative, and royal appearance. Hence it is considered a style statement.

2: It is one of the hard-wearing building materials. So you won’t get to see chipping, breaking and scratches on this floor.

3: Kitchen countertops made of matte finish marble are exceptionally high in quality.

4: The cold feel of marble gives you a welcoming effect, especially during summers.

5: Maintaining marble flooring is very easy as it doesn’t require sweeping and polishing frequently.

6: Since marble is a locally extracted, so it costs less than imported tiles.


1: Marble feels extremely cool during winters when walked upon barefoot. So you either need to lay a rug or carpet on it or wear some house shoes all the time. But, marble is not the kind of floor you really like to cover.

2: According to interior designers in Lahore, Installing marble costs more than tile. Because it takes more time to install and you require skillful labor to do the job.

3: Since marble is heavier in weight than tile, so it’s necessary to determine the structure strength of the underlying area before installing it.

4: It loses shine rapidly if installed in high traffic area.



1: Tile flooring offers an extensive range to choose from. Colors, styles, shapes, textures and sizes are adequately covered in this flooring variety. You can achieve whatever finish you desire.

2: You can lay tiles on both even and uneven surfaces.

3: Also, installing tiles is not a complicated process. It’s a task that any enthusiastic labor can undertake, which can save you some cash.

4: It’s easy to maintain and clean as they do not stain and resists acid and alkali. Unlike marble, tile flooring doesn’t require polishing.

5: Also, you can find anti-slip tiles in the market.


1: The biggest con of using tile is it can easily break.

2: Generally, tiles are cooler underfoot so you need to cover them with a rug or merge them with wooden flooring to get some warmth in winters.

Since they are slippery in nature so think twice when selecting tiles and inspect which room or space requires non-slippery tiles.