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Low Cost Home Improvement Ideas from AmerAdnan

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7 years ago

Another year has gone by and you have not yet been able to update your home. It is undoubtedly a dream of every person to live in a home that truly showcases their aesthetic sense and color inspirations however when it comes to the real-life scenario, hardly a few of us are able to make it all really happen.

In such times, we turn towards the best-known interior decorators in Pakistan to help us transform our ordinary houses into the homes that depict our taste and vision in a cost effective manner. Remember! Opting for DIY techniques for home renovation or improvement always get you out of budget and end up in nothing but regrets.

AmerAdnan, the international award-winning interior designer of Pakistan, has listed a few interesting points below that would surely aid homeowners in turn their home decoration dream into reality.

It All Begins With The Walls

Walls IdeaRemember, it’s not always about hiring a painter and getting all your home walls painted with the most expensive paint available on the market. Walls can be renovated in many ways. Each room should have its three walls painted with a plain color. The fourth one should either be textured or papered as a feature wall to create an ideal contrast with the plain walls.

There are different wallpapers in the market to pick out from. Remember, each room should have a different color theme with a contrasting feature wall. Making use of wall decals is another good idea for creating feature walls.

Playing with the lighting

Lighting Ideas
Lighting has always played a significant role in interior decor. Playing intelligently with lighting can give a wow factor to your home. The best idea is to make use of warm white lighting instead of the day-light, however, choosing the light color also depends on the room’s color theme.

There should be spotlights or halogen lights pointing towards the feature wall in each room to make it the focal point and draw attention from any uneven surfaces on other walls. Moreover, a classic painting could also be hanged on the feature wall to make it more aesthetically appealing and promising.

Furnishing the floors right

Floor Light Idea
Once you are done with walls and lighting, then shift your focus towards floor furnishing. Gone are the days when only carpets were a way of furnishing home floors. Now there are several possibilities for furnishing the floors that include PVC tiles, carpet tiles, engineered wood, laminates and many more.

If you are one of the carpet enthusiasts, there are different types of carpets that are available in the market today, including cut pile carpets, loop pile carpets, patterned loop carpets, cut & loop carpets and many more to pick out from.

Remember, never opt for loop pile carpets if you have pets at home, as their claws would get stuck in the piles, resulting in great damage to the carpets. Rugs also add greatly to the beauty of a room, so make sure to purchase rugs for your rooms to create a wow factor!