You might have heard that “the first impression is the last impression” and it goes for your house as well. The first impression that your house leaves will stay on the minds of your guests and visitors for a long time. Even if you change it with time, they will compare it with the previous design because it’s in their memory. Everybody wants their home to be so great that it leaves the guests in awe every time they see it. However, creating that long-lasting, great first impression is not an easy job. You have to consider factors like design, comfort, appeal, and layout to ensure that everything complements each other to give a refreshing and lovely impression. Interior designers in Pakistan have worked to formulate a list of tips that will help you create a great first impression of your house.

An Impressive Foyer


Your entrance hall is the first thing a visitor sees whenever they come to your house, so the effort to leave a great first impression should start from here. The entryway is the introduction of your house, and it needs to look exceptionally well whether it is large or small. Start decorating the entrance hall by adding chairs with cozy cushions, adding a rug, and other decoration pieces like mirrors. Make sure that there is enough space to pass through it, so it does not look cluttered. Your foyer should give a welcoming and inviting vibe, and you can achieve this by proper lighting, or by hanging artwork. Organize your foyer as it will leave an incredible impression on the visitors.

Colors That Reflect Your Personality


To create an awe inspiring first impression of your home, interior decorators in Pakistan recommend that you choose the color that reflects your personality. If you are a vibrant person who loves to hold gatherings at your home, bright colors are your perfect partners. Even if you do not like to host a lot, your living room should be painted in warm hues of red, yellow, orange to give a warm welcoming feel. Similarly, for bedrooms and bathrooms, which are more personal spaces, cooler colors like blue, spa-green, and violet are the best choice. They give you a calming feel and help you relax. You can also use shades of beige, white, and grey if you do not want to roam out of the neutral color palette. It will give your house a timeless appeal that will also help create a long-lasting impression.

Some Dramatic Greenery


Greenery is the focal point in modern interior design and architecture due to the increasing emphasis on sustainability. Plants can bring a refreshing and calming ambiance to your house. It will make your house stand out and will leave a good impression on every visitor that comes to your house. You can add plants anywhere in your home. Large plants will look good in the corner as well as the entryway. Succulents and flowering plants are for tabletops and windows. Covering a portion of your façade in vines also leaves a refreshing impression on the minds as they enter your home.

Pay Attention To Bathrooms And Kitchens


The bathroom and kitchen are often the most neglected part of the house from a design point of view, so paying attention to them will be like going the extra mile which is always great. Your bathroom should be a serene escape, and for this, you can paint the walls in calming colors like spa-green. You can also use tiles in such colors, which will give your bathroom a luxurious look. The powder area should be organized, the vanity can be in glass or marble for an elegant appearance. For the kitchen, having an island is the cherry on top that will upgrade the overall look of the house. Having plenty of cabinets, suitable tiles, and adequate lighting will lift your kitchen. Based on luxury home designs in Pakistan, designers recommend using gold and silver-colored or stainless steel fixtures for bathroom and kitchen hardware. They will give your bathroom and kitchen a sleek and deluxe aspect.

Add In Some Luxury

Who does not like a luxurious abode? Well, everybody does. It is more likely to leave a long-lasting great impression. According to interior decorators in Pakistan, you can create a luxurious house by using statement rugs, comfortable furniture, and proper lighting. You can also hang artwork and set a bookshelf in your living room. Apart from that, if you have a basement (which is trending nowadays) you can also use it to craft a luxurious guest room or an entertainment room with a snooker table or home theater in it. Pakistani interior designers pay special attention to creating a luxurious look by using ornate elements in the interior as well as the façade. For this, they use baroque and classical architectural and interior principles to give the house a luxurious look.

By following the above tips, you can create a house that will leave everyone in awe and you will be hearing lots of praises for your abode and sense of design. After all, your house design is a reflection of your personality.